Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

Destination:Tokyo 3

Welcome on Board of Flight 007 of Pachinko Air.Stressed out by the X-mas Shopping Terror and permanent Torture of "Last Chrismas"?Than this your Last Minute Escape. Follow us to Place that shines like a Christmas Tree all Year,Tokyo.Get lost in the Canyons of Glass,Steel & Neon Lights.First Class Jazzy Latin Sounds will lay out the Path to your full Satisfaction.All the best Wishes for your Holidays from Pachinko Overdrive.Enjoy your Trip.Percy

1.Delicatessen Mixture-Lift me up to the Sky
2.Kazuhiko Obata-Paraiso
3.Inada Shintarou-ame nimo makezu
4.Le 3-kawazoi o ikeba
5.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Bonito
6.Dahlia-Infinito Samba (happiness mix)
8.Noa Noa-夢の途中 (Benbossa Mix)
9.April Set-Umi No Soko De Utau Uta
10.F to G-Saudade Fez Um Samba
11.Noa Noa-waratteitai ne (acoustic maracatu mix)
12.Cinnabon-As your Girl
13.Love-tenkoku no kiss
14.Pan Cake-Vou Nessa



1 Kommentar:

  1. Again, it was a bit of exceptionally clever planning and timing to post a mix like this at the exact time you did, because listening to it was another instance of completely encasing yourself in an impenetrable, ultra-relaxing, Christmas Free cocoon for awhile, where you will eventually emerge as a totally refreshed Social Butterfly who is energized enough to celebrate the New Year ♥ Which is for partying and dance parties, of course, and fatigued minds definitely couldn't handle that so Pachinko Air trips are, like, preventative measures against fatigue~ And a nice way to aurally combat the cold too, because I do believe songs like this are insulated with multiple layers of Sunshine and Warmth. It's true. So they transport that wherever they go and take the chilliness away too, for sure :)

    Beautiful selection of songs you've collected for this mix... One of which was originally a Hosono composition, did you know that?! "tengoku no kiss" is a Seiko Matsuda song that Hosono wrote the music for... Needless to say, it was a bit of Lite-Techno Kayo back then, but I bet he would totally approve of it becoming Bossa-like with Love's cover of it, considering he's been experimenting with similar sounds in some of his more recent works. ..I mean, not that I'm an Official Spokesperson on his behalf or anything. I do think he'd like it though~ _I_ liked it. And that alternate version of "Lift me up to the sky" that you've unearthed. And each instance of Noa Noa. And Le 3 ♥

    Thank you very much for both compiling and sharing this, Percy! It's always a pleasurable listen, these Pachinko Air trips ♥