Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

Japan goes Latin

Let's step into the Time Tunnel and visit Japan in the late 50's & early 60's.Like the Rest of World even "exotic" Places like Japan were mad about Exotica. Exotica that strange Amalgam of nearly every latin Rythym and exotic Percussions.Discover Artists like Mari Watanabe.Her 1st Single "Tokyo Dodonpa Daughter"sold more than 100 million copies.Izumi Yukimura a famous Singer and Actres of many Musical Movies was so popular that she even managed to break in America.Appearing in some high profile TV shows: she was host to Ed Sullivan to name just one.Check out Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra with their Hawaiian Nisei tunes that can count as a influense to People like Haruomi Hosono & The Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys.So pour in yourself some fancy Drink and Mambo down the Room.

1.Black Cats-Mikansei Rockambo (Unfinished Rockambo)
2.Izumi Yukimura-Ain't Cha-cha Coming Out T-tonight?
3.Keiko Ikuta-Chakkiri Mambo (Busy Girl Mambo)
4.Michiko Hamamura-Mama Look A Boo Boo
5.Mari Watanabe-Tokyo Boy Hunt
6.Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra-Japanese Rumba
7.Kon Ohmura, Gannosuke Ashiya & Kogan Ashiya-Decchi Mambo No. Kakkun (Shopkeeper Mambo Nr. Spasm)
8.Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Titina
9.Michiku Hamamura-Banana Boat (Day O)
10.Tomoko Takara-Japanese Calypso
11.Tadao Takeshima & Konjiki Kamen-Papa Loves Mambo
12.Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Yagibushi Mambo
13.Toshiko Yamaguchi-Tokyo Conga
14.Yoko Chikuchi-Cerezzo Rosa




  1. Influential to Haruomi Hosono, you say? Reading that made me dash for the link to download this _that_ much quicker, no kidding :D I should have been able to guess as much myself though, since Hosono did a cover of "Japanese Rhumba" on his album "Paraiso".. His three exotica albums albums are not only my favorite albums of his, but some of my favorite albums _period_, so it's wonderful to be exposed to more music that is similar in tone :) (and if you like music like this, you should _absolutely_ listen to Hosono's exotica albums sometime too. "Tropical Dandy" in particular ♥ I know you've listened to him as part of Swing Slow, but I wonder if you've ever listened to his solo works too...?)
    Another great, most unexpected theme for a compilation.. Thank you for sharing it! ♥

  2. What a nice compilation! This was a real discovery for me. Amazing.