Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Into the Light

1st of June,that means it's Time for another splendid Guestmix.It's the 2nd visit by our dedicated Follower & my good Friend Anne.Are you also tired of all the hustle & bustle all Day?Then It's Time to breakout.Escape in a World of Colour & Sound.Into the Night,into the Light...and DANCE.

1.Denki Groove-Shangri-La
2.Nona Reeves-イージーラヴ
3.Rocketman-FLY AWAY feat.KARIN
4.Mini Kyute-Miracles
5.Pictogram Color-夕暮れと小雨の夜
6.Kofta-No meaning to Cry
7.Capsule-Music Controller
8.Humming Urban Stereo-Banana shake
9.Dahlia-Little black Dress
10.Sayaka Kushibiki-Daydream Journey
11.Metro Trip-Baby Baby
12.Shiho Nanba-それでも言えない YOU & I
14.Miniflex-New Colors

Deleted due Copyright Complains

P.S.Remember if you want to do a Guestmix,just let me know.Next Month your Mix can shine here.


  1. I found this blog one week ago. I'm very
    pleased with the music that you posted.
    Thanks for you! and Thanks for your wonderful work!

    P.s : Sorry for using poor English T_T)

  2. Hi, and thank you for sharing all the awesome music!
    I think your best compilations are "Sunset Drive" and "Über-Cute".
    Greetings from Finland!


  3. Hi! I found this blog a while ago and I was very happy..Thank for this excelent blog.Into The Ligh is very nice album..I recommend to everyone..Congratulations~Thank you for sharing all the album..We love you!!!

  4. Hi!
    thank you so much for this album! it reminds me my hollidays in tokyo.
    japan is an wonderland and i'm so in love with tracks n°7, 8 and 9!!!
    domou arigato!!!