Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Shibuya Soul

Feeling down & out?Here is the Place to charge your Batteries.Refresh your Mind with 14 sophisticated soulful Tunes that will brighten your Mood.Put on your Headphones or turn up the Volume of your Stereo and leave all your Troubles behind.Experience the Lounge for your Livingroom.

1.Cosa Nostra-In My Own Way
2.Chocolat & Akito-アバンチュール
3.Paris Match-Drive
4.Izanami-Sunshine feat. Urb Horns
6.Humming Urban Stereo-Sera Un Zorro (She will become a Fox)
7.Love & Pop-너를 처음 본 순간
8.Melting Holidays-Northern Express
9.ROUND TABLE feat.Nino-Sayonara
10.Pizzicato Five-Sleeper
12.ROUND TABLE-In the Rain
13.Dorlis & Toki Asako-Room 305




  1. Merci beaucoup.....Superbe ! comme souvent.

  2. Great, great, _great_ theme ♥ ..And here I thought the term "Sophisticated Pop" was a bad label to give music..! :D I like the idea of it a lot myself.. it perfectly communicates being identified with what could serve as the soundtrack for a glamorous cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a definite adult-ness.. and that makes for a good balance to the more kiddy themed music I generally listen to a lot of as well~ So it's very nice to listen to, particularly when it comes courtesy of compilations as finely put together as this one is :) Outstanding selections(Chocolat & Akito ♥ Lamp ♥ Humming Urban Stereo ♥ Dahlia ♥ "Sleeper", which is a song I've long been extremely fond of ♥) Thank you for sharing!