Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.2

Hallo & Willkommen.Vol.2 of The Sociables takes an Eye on Germany.Germany?Yes.Mostly known for Techno & The Scorpions,Germany has also a fine Popscene.Blue Eyed Soul for the Barricades by Superpunk from Hamburg.Motown Sounds out of Munich from Germany's finest Ladies Band The Moulinettes.A Homage to the Italian Actor/Singer Adriano Celentalo by Ralley(now caled Klee)from Colonge.Bohemie Berlin is represented by Space Kelly(Torpedo Boyz).With his 2 Songbook Lp's he is a little Star in Korea.Like Riviera who also release their Records mostly in Japan & Korea.A lot more Bands from all over the Country are to discover on the second Part of The Sociables prefer Pop!I hope you like this little excerpt of German Pop.Viel Spaß.Percy.Vol.3 U.K.

1.Die Zimmermänner-Der Winterschlaf ist vorbei
2.Bazooka Cain-Kurze Fahrt
3.Superpunk-Ich weigere mich, aufzugeben
4.Mondfähre-Capt. Barnes
5.Les Garcons-Weit,weit weg
6.Rockformation Diskokugel-Anne Clark vs. Morissey
7.Elegant-Widerstand ist zwecklos
9.Die Moulinettes-Meine Liebe ist wie ein Asylantrag
10.Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine-Zu dumm um frei zu sein
11.Ralley-Adriano Celentalo
12.Space Kelly-Babyface Claire
13.Riviera-Da wo ich meine Augen schließ
14.Kosinar & Schmiechen-Sei bereit

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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. That's right! I had completely forgotten that we have Germany to thank for birthing The Scorpions, who in turn brought us the mighty "Rock you like a hurricane" :D ..And the decidedly less mighty "Wind of Change". But what would the 80s Rock Landscape have been without "Rock you like a hurricane", so thank you, Germany ♥
    This collection of songs and groups would be far, far better for a country to be known for, definitely, so in a Perfect World..! I really enjoyed these selections~ And the energy of songs like "Capt. Barnes". Terrific. Thank you very much(2), for compiling and sharing this :)