Samstag, 22. Mai 2010


Summer is almost here,so it's Time to leave the House and head out into the Open.Pack youre Bags,get on your Bike or jump in your Motorcar and explore the wonders of the World.Invite some Friends over to a Picnic & Fun in the Sun.Feel free to get Lost.Yours Percy

2.Corniche Camomile-Chelsea Walk
3.Ballads Of The Cliché-Friend's Guide
4.Original Love-Romance Sunshine
5.Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title
7.Kaji Hideki-Here Comes the Sunny Beat!
9.Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title
10.Ballads Of The Cliché-Feel Free To Feel Lost
11.The High Rights-바보 둘의 행진
12.800 Cherries-Telephone Song
13.Mocca-What if...
14.Linus' Blanket-Labor In Vain

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  1. So nice ♥ Five installments in and you still maintain the standard of the consistently Perfect selections that make all entries in this series a Can't Miss ♥ And there are always surprises coming courtesy of artists I wasn't previously familiar with too..! This time around it was the Hiro Takahashi songs that were new to me and particularly splendid( was a bit of a downer to learn that he died at the very young age of 41 back in 2005 though ;_; R.I.P., Hiro Takahashi!)
    Thank you so much for compiling and sharing this, Percy ♥ For us shutins(like me! ..and only me, I bet XD), it's always a treat to have frequent aural vacations and imagine the friends, picnics and fun in the sun songs like these exquisitely capture the mood of ♥

    ..Also, in case anyone else happens to be a stickler for correctly tagged mp3s, I thought I'd point out that the fourth track, "Sunshine Romance", is not a Chocolat song but an Original Love song. I mean, both artists are great, and that song is also great, but..! It's good to properly connect songs with the right artists. True story, I once spent several years thinking two songs by April March were done by Pizzicato Five, because someone had incorrectly tagged them that way :\ I have no idea why they did, but they did. And it took buying a copy of April March's "Chrominance Decoder" to learn that "Charlatan" was not, in fact, a Pizzicato Five song(so no wonder I couldn't find what album it was from when I attempted to discover this bit of information XD) So yeah, to avoid similar confusion..! Just thought I'd mention that ^^;

  2. Thanks for the correction.It will be changed in a minute.Percy