Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.1

Spring is in full swing,everything's in bloom even the Mixes at Pachinko Overdrive.The popular Picknick Series becomes new Branches.This new 12 piece Series is called "The Sociables prefer Pop!" and shall focus on Pop from Europe and North America.The Sociables have come to claim what originally belongs to them.Volume.1 takes a Trip to Scandinavia.Europe's High North is one of the most important places when it comes to clever Pop Music.From classic C-86 Songs of Pelle Carlberg,The Shermans & Eggstone to more danceable Tunes by Waltz for Debbie and Denmark's Best Jens Lekman.So Join in and become a Sociable yourself.

1.Acid House Kings-Sunday Morning
2.Ephemera-One Minute
3.Aerospace-Summer Days are forever
4.The Shermans-July in London
5.Suburban Kids With Biblical Names-Trumpets and Violins
6.Eggstone-She's Perfect
7.Pelle Carlberg-Clever Girls Like Clever Boys...
8.Girlfriendo-First Kiss Feeling
9.Irene-Baby I Love Your Way
10.I'm From Barcelona-This boy (feat. Loney, Dear)
11.The Sound Of Arrows-Danger!
12.Those Dancing Days-Space Hero Suits
13.Jens Lekman-You Are the Light
14.Waltz for Debbie-Once Upon A Time

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  1. Outstanding ♥ I didn't think we'd be seeing an entry to this series posted for quite awhile, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear one was going to be this weeks selection.. And your timing couldn't have been better, since the type of music compiled together for this mix fits in perfectly with most of what I've been wanting to listen to lately, so it was.. doubly appreciated for that reason~ And since the majority of the artists you selected were completely new to me, it was great to be introduced to so much good new music too ♥(you make me want to listen to more Eggstone..! are they generally always as good as "She's Perfect" is..?)
    Ultranice mix! Thank you for sharing it :)