Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo

The 1st of the Month,that means not only fresh Green in the Bank but a brand new Guest Mix.This One is send to us from the from Arkansas,USA.It's created by a multi-talented Guy,that goes by the very spyish Name of Sam Houser.He runs two nice Blogs: & them out.In his spare Time he also creates Art: a Man.And still he found Time to put together this groovy wonderful Selection of Tunes.Forget these Imposters in Shanghai.This is the Expo you should visit.These 14 Audio Pavilions offer a lot to discover.Enjoy your Stay at the The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo.Don't forget to Show some Love & Respect for Sam.If you want to see your own Mix here,contact me.Have Fun.Percy

1.Kirinji - Descendants of Icarus
2.Cubismo Grafico - Mississippi One (Tahiti 80 Remix)
3.Hideki Kaji - Made In Sweden
4.Fancy Face Groovy Name - Love is Ye-Ye (Looking for My Idol)
5.Yukari Fresh - 17.1-4
6.Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Burce (Dimension 5 Mega Mix)
7.HALCALI - Giri Giri Surf Rider
8.Qypthone - Mission-Banana Muffins
9.Mieko Hirota - Vacation
10.Také Rodriguez - Game of Exotica
11.Rocketman - Symphony No. 4126 "Hatoya"
12.Comoestas - Mambo Kuraneko
13.Towa Tei - Hawaiian Tabla Chapa
14.Motocompo - Dancer Of Computing




  1. Terrific mix! Listening to it was sort of like being in a Sounds Supermarket.. a little bit of everything, with frenetic sampling undoubtedly being the Special of the Day :D
    _Loved_ the Motocompo song(I'd never heard it before so it was definitely a pleasurable introduction), and I don't think I've ever heard "giri giri Surf Rider" put to better use than it was here, so nicely done there too. Also: KIRINJI ♥ ♥ You can never go wrong with including any of their tracks as a selection, absolutely, so this mix was aces from the outset for having one as the first track~
    Thank you very much for participating and sharing a mix, Sam :)

  2. ah great! :D have to download it first hehe

  3. Thanks for letting me participate Percy! As a US ambassador to The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo I thank you. :)

    Anne that Motocompo song is a rare early one I just happened upon years ago. It's one of my favorites. You definitely can never go wrong with Kirinji. Especially that 3rd album. Frenetic sampling is definitely one of my favorite things about Shibuya-Kei. That and super cuteness. Thanks for the compliments!