Montag, 26. April 2010

Chelsea Girls

Chicks on Beat NO.4.This Time we're visiting Great Britain.The U.K. is the other big Center of Pop Culture as we know it.After dealing with the Consequences of the 2nd World War,Britains Youth started a Revolution whose impact we are feeling today.Mary Quant created the Miniskirt and conquered the World with her Model Twiggy.Richard Lester shot "The Knack … and How to Get It".Sandie Shaw won the Eurovision Song Contest.Beatles,Stones,The Who,you know them all.Here are some other female Representatives of British Beat.With Jackie Trent who is better known for her Songwriting with her Husband "The Great" Tony Hatch,than for her singing.Witch is a real shame because she has superb Voice.She wrote a lot Songs for Petula Clark.For some unfair Reasons Miss Clark has a rather campy Reputation.Best known for her Über Hit"Downtown",Petula Clark has much more to offer.I recommend a rediscovery.Of course we have the greatest white Voice ever,Dusty Springfield.Another underestimated Singer is Cilla Black.She is mostly seen as second best Dusty,which is totally unfair.She is represented with one of favourite sad Love Songs of all Time.Enjoy this little Trip back into Swingin' London.If you want a second Part,then leave a Comment.
Next Destination:Thailand

1.Jackie Trent-7.10 to Suburbia
2.Petula Clark-Round every Corner
3.Julie Grant-Don`t ever let me down
4.Mally Page-Life and Soul of the Party
5.Sandra Barry-You can take it from me
6.Dusty Springfield-Little by Little
7.Julie Grant-Count on me
8.Sandra Barry-End of the Line
9.Petula Clark-The AD
10.Ninette-Push a little Button
11.Moya Moray-Just wait till Spring is here
12.Cilla Black-If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind

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  1. Twiggy also has good songs. Have you heard them? In fact Konishi has mixed some.

    Enjoy Thai, one of my favourite parts of the world.

  2. I love this mix. I actually don't listen to a lot of 1960's British singers! Now, I'm looking into buying "One Thing Leads to Another" boxset.