Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Zero Gravity IV

Welcome,we hope you all had a splendid transition into 2013 but after all the good Food and the hard partying ,it's time for some Rest & Relaxation.What better place to come to,to recharge the Batteries than the Zero Gravity Lounge.Follow us on a weightless Journey through warmtronica Soundscapes that will stimulate & refresh your Brain and always remember "Entspannung is beautiful"

1.Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko-Vinyl Words
2.ken Ishii-M 17 (Yaju Gari)
3.Shinichi Osawa-The Patch
4.Miyauchi Yuri-Fida_
5.Takako Minekawa-Picknick at Loose Rock
6.Organic Stereo-Brightness
7.Ryuichi Sakamoto-War & Peace (Cornelius Remix)
8.Hajime Yoshizawa-Pentagon
9.Mini Kyute-Sanctuary (Aki Okabe Remake)
10.Yoshinori Sunahara-Bluelight
12.Lamb-Glider (MELOS mix)
13.Chari Chari-Ti Burung
14.Utsumi-Yoyogi Park

Deleted due Copyright Complains


3 Kommentare:

  1. do i need a password or something? this link DOES NOT WORK.

  2. Yes, same issue as the previous download, tho this time it's "Shinichi Osawa's The Patch" that appears to be the song Mediafire doesn't like.

  3. MediaFire set a Copyright on most of my Mixes :(.Try to fix the problem as soon as possible.Greetz Percy