Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Zero Gravity I

Welcome back on Board of the ISS Mirrorball.Today we see the official opening of the Zero Gravity Lounge.A Place that is decicated to Relaxation & Recreation.A low Gravity Area that shall help you to recover from a long day of traveling throughout Space.Caressing electronic Sounds & an organic soothing Inviroment that shall help you to switch off your mind & float away.Sit back,Relax & close your Eyes.

1.I Am Robot and Proud-The Work
3.Towa Tei-All
4.Hajime Yoshizawa-The Womb
5.Kahimi Karie-Making our World
6.Yoshinori Sunahara-Subliminal
7.Cornelius-Beep it
8.Dedication-Pito Deep
9.Haruki Matsuo-Spy vs. Spy
10.Kaoru Inoue-Esc
11.Kentaro Iwaki-Kinuta
12.Sketch Show-Wonderful to Me
13.800 Cherries-Hoshi Wa Kagayaku (Aki Wa Nazomeku)
14.Lullatone-Floating Away

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Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Percy 500:À bout de souffle

Bonne soirée.Part.5 of the Percy 500 hits the Beat Clubs of Paris.We listen to Yé-yé Boys & Girls that influence the modern Music till today.Naïve female singers like France Gall,Françoise Hardy & Jacqueline Taïeb that sang about innocent Themes.For Example in '7 Heurs Du Matin' Jacqueline Taieb wishes for Paul McCartney to help her with her English homework.France Gall with her odd Song against english Beat Music.The young singer Stella mocks the pseudo Beatnicks of her time ("When the Bohème are bored in their blue jeans, they ask their father for a job in his factory").While most male Artists were harmless, romantic boys singing mostly ballads and love songs.The 5 Gentlemen wrote a critical song about the then super-popular model Twiggy: „Little princess in the kingdom of cover girls, but your big sad eyes are crying“. The main message being that all the fame and money in the world can’t help you when you’re lonely... The Masterminds Michel Legrand,Jacques Dutronc & Serge Gainsbourg are represented with own Songs & some of their works for other Artists such as Anna Karina,Brigitte Bardot & France Gall.This Compilation woulden't be complete without „Psyché Rock“ by Pierre Henry.This out of this World Tune has been sampled and remixed millions of times, most notably by Fatboy Slim. It's the absolute Anthem for both early Electronica and French Beat Lovers. Amusez-vous

1.Francis Lai-Marseillaies generique/2.France Gall-Made in France/3.5 Gentlemen-Twiggy/4.Sophie Mansart-Au Secours Aidez-Moi/5.Règis Barly-Faux Beatnick/6.Jaqueline Taiep-7 Heures du Matin/7.Nino Ferrer-Les Cornichons/8.Alice Donna-C'est Pas Prudent /9. Jean - Paul Keller-Ca c`est arrange/10.Chantal Goya-Il Court Les Filles/11.Michel Polnareff- La Mouche/12.Chorus Reverendus-Dans Son Euphorie/ 13.Andre Brasseur-Pow Pow/14.Gregory-Je fais la la la/15.Patrica Carli-L`amour en Cage/16.Eddy Mitchell-Vieille Fille/17. Pierre Henry-Psyché Rock/18.Erick St. Laurent-Le Temps D'Y Penser/19.Richard De Bordeux-La Droge/20.Stella-Nouvelle Vague Blues

1.Michel Legrand-Pop Fashion/2.Les Parisiennes-Y`a comme un defaut/3.Nino Ferrer-Les hommes a tout faire/4.Suzanne Gabriello-Z'avez pas lu Kafka/5.Antoine-Ne T`en fais pas pour ceux-la,ils Revent/6.Gillian Hills-Cest Le Garçon/7.Michel Legrand-Tout feu tout Femme/8.Brigitte Bardot-Ne me laisse pas l`aimer/9.Larry Greco-C'est Fini,Bien Fini/10.Liz Brady-palladium (the hip)/11.Les Gypsys-Prolétaire/12.Anna Karina-Roller Girl/13.Monty-Une Fois/14.Sullivan-Hashish Faction/15.Serge Gainsbourg-Requiem pour un C.../16.Antoine-Un Autre Autoroute/17.Marie Laforet-Manchester et Liverpool/18. France Gall-Christiansen/19.Mary-Christine-Sûr de toi/20.Luc Pena et son Orchestre-Spring à Liverpool

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Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

Shibuya Soul 4

An unfamiliar Face in the Crowd that lifts you from the endless Stream of People.An well known Sound that unexpectedly comforts you in an unknown Surrounding.Snapshots of everyday Life that give the feeling of Grace & Beauty in the smallest and most trivial Moments.It's good to just be.

1.Jafrosax-Just Like A Tiger's Eye
2.Asako Toki-君に胸キュン
3.Crazy Ken Band-Girlfriend
4.Osaka Monaurail-We sing Soul
6.Paris Match-Ensemble
7.Towa Tei-Private Eyes
8.Syoul-My Weekend
9.Indigo Jam Unit & Flexlife-It's a Shame
10.Monday Michiru-Delicious Poison
11.FreeTEMPO-時代 feat. 畠山美由紀
12.Clazziquai Project-I Will Give You Everything
13.Carneiro-Ship Of Love
14.Cro-Magnon-Windy Lady Feat. Yu Sakai

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Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Starlight Casino I

Hooray!!! We hit the 50,000 visitors Landmark at Pachinko Overdrive!To celebrate this Milestone we will open the 1st orbital Disco todate.Welcome to THE STARLIGHT CASINO.It's part of the ISS Mirrorball.The Spacestation is devided in two Areas.The Starlight Casino,a place to dance & party.The 2nd Area is called Zero Gravity and is designed for Relaxation & Recreation.The whole interior of the ISS Mirrorball is designed by the danish Design Guru Verner Panton.For the Grand Opening Night we gather some of the most capable Artists,when it comes to Space Age Disco.We secure that The Starlight Casino will be the Place to be for Milky Way Nomads that loves the Groove.Let's Party!!!

1.ELEKTEL-Planet Airways STARSPEEDER3000
2.Sylvia 55-Life
3.Chappie-Space Latin Age
5.Serani Poji-ふたごの恋
6.Yoshinori Sunahara-Hypnotize
7.Towa Tei-GBI (German Bold Italic)
8.Cymbals-Düsseldorf Funk
9.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Can't You Feel It?
10.Mansfield-Birds of paradise
11.Halfby-North Marine Drive
12.Cubismo Grafico-Sunday Niteclub
13.Nakatsuka Takeshi-Bright Lights, Big City feat.Aoki Karen
14.Harvard-Remained At The Moon

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