Freitag, 25. März 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.1

Hurrah!!!!Spring is finally here.As promised Guitar Pop makes the long awaited return on Pachinko Overdrive.With our little Red Scooter we will secure the Streets & look out for Pop Gems along the Way.Watch out all you Imposters & Wannabe's, there's a new Sheriff in Town.

1.Spaghetti Vabune!-THIS IS GUITAR POP!!
2.Boys & Girls Together-Boy Meets Summer
3.The Caraway-My Love Affair
4.Pesela-Quesela-In-Don't You Get Cruel
5.Photo Jenny-No One Brings A Flower
6.The Treeberrys-Waiting for my girlfriend
7.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Flying Machine
8.Dizzy Joghurt-How Do You Do It?
9.Kaji Hideki & Riddim Saunter-僕のベイビー・レモネード
11.Sunny Gets Blue-At The Brilliant Corners
13.Pete-Summer Hallucination



Samstag, 19. März 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.2

Welcome back to part.2 of the Jazz Fizz.In no Time the Virus spread around the Globe.Artists & Labels appeared out of nowhere.Eddie Piller & Giles Peterson founded Acid Jazz Records,which included Bands such as the James Taylor Quartet, Corduroy, the Brand New Heavies and Galliano.Peterson also founded the Label Talkin' Loud,that become the bridgehead for japanese Artists by releasing Records of United Future Organization's Label Brownswood Records in Europe.MO' WAX released DJ Krush & DJ Takemura aka Nobukazu Takemura & El-Malo.In Japan,Labels like Bellissima Records and Toy's Factory became Homebase for Groups such as Silent Poets,Cosa Nostra,Natural Calamity & Nobukazu Takemura.Mondo Grosso,Soul Bossa Trio & Tokyo's Coolest Combo reached Europe via Berlin's 99 Records/Bomba Recordings.More in part.3.

1.Bossa Free-Rise me up
2.Jazz Renegades-Even Stevens
3.Spiritual Vibes-Midori No Umi
4.Rad-Homegirls Cha Cha Network
5.Snowboy and the Latin Section-A Night In Tunisia
6.United Future Organisation-Moondance(chant)
7.Quiet Boys-Bosh Tres Bien
8.A Man Called Adam-Love Me To Death
9.The New Jersey Kings-The Latin One
10.Secret Vibes-Voice of moon
11.Haryou-Latin Jam
12.Nobukazu Takemura-ELM
13.Bahia Sunets-Somewhere not here
14.Ulf Sandberg Quartet-Samba for Someone

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Samstag, 12. März 2011

Destination:Black Forest

Welcome on Board of Flight 002 of Pachinko Air.Our Destination is the Black Forrest in the south of Germany.Once Home of the legendary Jazz Label MPS.Together with the renowned Jazz Festival Donaueschingen the Region became the Place to be for Jazz Greats from around the World.This Flight shall pay Tribute to great Time of Jazz.The Inflight Entertaiment will be provided by some of the best German Nu Jazz Artists of Today. Fasten your Seatbelts & Up we Go.Enjoy your Flight.

1.Nylon-Wenn die Sonne hinter den Dächern versinkt
2.The Maxwell Implosion-Lailove feat.Laila France
3.Fauna Flash-Alone Again
4.The Bahama Soul Club-A Bout de Souffle feat. Isabelle Antena
6.De-Phazz-Dummes Spiel
7.[re:jazz]-Twiggy Twiggy
8.Mo' Horizons-Hit The Road Jack (Pena Estrada)
9.Trüby Trio-A Go Go
10.Till Brönner-So Danco Samba (Nicola Conte Rework)
11.The Juju Orchestra-Nao Posso Demorar
13.Christian Prommer's Drumlesson-No Problems
14.Minus 8-Elysian Fields

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Samstag, 5. März 2011

Kawaii Vol.2

It came without a warning.I tried to warn the others but it was to late.This Monster Wave of Sound hit us with full force.She pulled us into a Swirl of warm luscious Grooves & dancing Lights that made our Senses spinning.When we got washed back to Reality,smiling & golden.We knew what hit us:A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.So Kawaii

1.Duke Aces-A New Song
2.Maezono Naoki-Floral Express
4.Pizzicato Five-Hippie Day
5.Melting Holidays-Wondergarden
6.Smooth Ace-Korekara ai ni yuku yo
7.Nomoto Karia-M.O.D.E.L. Agent
8.Metro Trip-東京ガール
9.Chappie-Delicacy No Kakera
10.Round Table-My Girl
11.Pizzicato Five-koi no Rule, atarashii Rule(remixed by Suemitsu & The Suemith)
12.The Hair-My black kittens but mischief will keep secret.
13.Dan Miyakawa Ensemble-あたらしいみち feat.土岐麻子
14.Maki Nomiya-Never on Sunday

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