Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

Japan goes Latin

Let's step into the Time Tunnel and visit Japan in the late 50's & early 60's.Like the Rest of World even "exotic" Places like Japan were mad about Exotica. Exotica that strange Amalgam of nearly every latin Rythym and exotic Percussions.Discover Artists like Mari Watanabe.Her 1st Single "Tokyo Dodonpa Daughter"sold more than 100 million copies.Izumi Yukimura a famous Singer and Actres of many Musical Movies was so popular that she even managed to break in America.Appearing in some high profile TV shows: she was host to Ed Sullivan to name just one.Check out Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra with their Hawaiian Nisei tunes that can count as a influense to People like Haruomi Hosono & The Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys.So pour in yourself some fancy Drink and Mambo down the Room.

1.Black Cats-Mikansei Rockambo (Unfinished Rockambo)
2.Izumi Yukimura-Ain't Cha-cha Coming Out T-tonight?
3.Keiko Ikuta-Chakkiri Mambo (Busy Girl Mambo)
4.Michiko Hamamura-Mama Look A Boo Boo
5.Mari Watanabe-Tokyo Boy Hunt
6.Harold Sasahara & Club Nisei Orchestra-Japanese Rumba
7.Kon Ohmura, Gannosuke Ashiya & Kogan Ashiya-Decchi Mambo No. Kakkun (Shopkeeper Mambo Nr. Spasm)
8.Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Titina
9.Michiku Hamamura-Banana Boat (Day O)
10.Tomoko Takara-Japanese Calypso
11.Tadao Takeshima & Konjiki Kamen-Papa Loves Mambo
12.Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Yagibushi Mambo
13.Toshiko Yamaguchi-Tokyo Conga
14.Yoko Chikuchi-Cerezzo Rosa



Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Beatiful Fräuleins

Chicks on Beat NO.5.In the early '60s, Germany was still trying to come to terms with its past.The Split between East & West Germany was the overall Topic of the following Years.But with the post-war economic miracle the german Youth was eager for foreign Pop Culture.German record companies refused to hear the call for something more hip, and continued to force-feed schmaltzy, high camp fare to their Artists.While most of the younger german Artists turn their Heads overseas,a lot of foreign Artists discover Germany as a marketplace for their Music.In the 60's nearly every european and a lot U.S. Artists sang their Hits in german.From France Gall,Petula Clark,Milva,Dusty Dringfield to Majorplayers like Johnny Cash.So there was only room for a few german Singers to reach for international Standards or even cross the Boarders to the rest of the World.Most have to stuck with a kind of low-grade pop lite that gave German music a bad name.Here are a very few that were granted access to the catalogue of cool.Viel Spaß
P.S.The Cover Model is Christa Päffgen aka Warhol Superstar Nico

1.Inga-The Beat Goes On
3.Uschi Brüning-Hochzeitsnacht
4.Katja Ebstein-Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder
5.Inga-Dein Spiel Ist Endlich Aus
6.Joy Fleming-Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein
7.Marianne Mendt-Wie A Glock'n
8.France Gall-Hippie Hippie
9.Elisa Gabbai-Winter in Canada
10.Alexandra-Every Day Is Just The Same
11.Mary Roos-Blauer Montag
12.Hidegard Knef-Wieviele Menschen Waren Glücklich, Dass Du Gelebt?

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Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Shibuya Soul

Feeling down & out?Here is the Place to charge your Batteries.Refresh your Mind with 14 sophisticated soulful Tunes that will brighten your Mood.Put on your Headphones or turn up the Volume of your Stereo and leave all your Troubles behind.Experience the Lounge for your Livingroom.

1.Cosa Nostra-In My Own Way
2.Chocolat & Akito-アバンチュール
3.Paris Match-Drive
4.Izanami-Sunshine feat. Urb Horns
6.Humming Urban Stereo-Sera Un Zorro (She will become a Fox)
7.Love & Pop-너를 처음 본 순간
8.Melting Holidays-Northern Express
9.ROUND TABLE feat.Nino-Sayonara
10.Pizzicato Five-Sleeper
12.ROUND TABLE-In the Rain
13.Dorlis & Toki Asako-Room 305



Samstag, 5. Juni 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.2

Hallo & Willkommen.Vol.2 of The Sociables takes an Eye on Germany.Germany?Yes.Mostly known for Techno & The Scorpions,Germany has also a fine Popscene.Blue Eyed Soul for the Barricades by Superpunk from Hamburg.Motown Sounds out of Munich from Germany's finest Ladies Band The Moulinettes.A Homage to the Italian Actor/Singer Adriano Celentalo by Ralley(now caled Klee)from Colonge.Bohemie Berlin is represented by Space Kelly(Torpedo Boyz).With his 2 Songbook Lp's he is a little Star in Korea.Like Riviera who also release their Records mostly in Japan & Korea.A lot more Bands from all over the Country are to discover on the second Part of The Sociables prefer Pop!I hope you like this little excerpt of German Pop.Viel Spaß.Percy.Vol.3 U.K.

1.Die Zimmermänner-Der Winterschlaf ist vorbei
2.Bazooka Cain-Kurze Fahrt
3.Superpunk-Ich weigere mich, aufzugeben
4.Mondfähre-Capt. Barnes
5.Les Garcons-Weit,weit weg
6.Rockformation Diskokugel-Anne Clark vs. Morissey
7.Elegant-Widerstand ist zwecklos
9.Die Moulinettes-Meine Liebe ist wie ein Asylantrag
10.Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine-Zu dumm um frei zu sein
11.Ralley-Adriano Celentalo
12.Space Kelly-Babyface Claire
13.Riviera-Da wo ich meine Augen schließ
14.Kosinar & Schmiechen-Sei bereit

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Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Into the Light

1st of June,that means it's Time for another splendid Guestmix.It's the 2nd visit by our dedicated Follower & my good Friend Anne.Are you also tired of all the hustle & bustle all Day?Then It's Time to breakout.Escape in a World of Colour & Sound.Into the Night,into the Light...and DANCE.

1.Denki Groove-Shangri-La
2.Nona Reeves-イージーラヴ
3.Rocketman-FLY AWAY feat.KARIN
4.Mini Kyute-Miracles
5.Pictogram Color-夕暮れと小雨の夜
6.Kofta-No meaning to Cry
7.Capsule-Music Controller
8.Humming Urban Stereo-Banana shake
9.Dahlia-Little black Dress
10.Sayaka Kushibiki-Daydream Journey
11.Metro Trip-Baby Baby
12.Shiho Nanba-それでも言えない YOU & I
14.Miniflex-New Colors

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P.S.Remember if you want to do a Guestmix,just let me know.Next Month your Mix can shine here.