Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

Shibuya Soul 10

There are Millions of People in the crowed Streets but you're not one of them.You want to get away and break free.You hear a Voice that talkes to you like the Sea,it ensnares you to leave the Sound of the Crowd and follow the Beat of your own Drum.Coast along,guided only by a Melody that promises the chance of escaping into a more pleasent Reality.

1.Kaori-Cruisin' Pink Cadillac
2.Bonnie Pink-オレンジ
3.Crazy Ken Band-Weeping Bells
4.Nona Reeves-Midnight Love
5.Jazztronik-Humming Bird feat.Mika Arisaka
6.Paris Match-You make my day
7.Asako Toki-Hibiki
8.Monday Michiru-I Can't Help It
9.Love Tambourines-Cherish Our Love(Album Version)
10.Hiroshi Takano-Kaori
11.Clazziquai Project-Friday Blues
12.Museum Of Plate-The Ground
13.Hiroshi Fujiwara-A Song for Two
14.Sugar Plant-Thunder

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Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

People like us,Today + More People like us,Today

Did already 4 Years pass,since i started this Blog ?It's hard to believe that this is Pachinko Overdrives 3rd Bithday but Numbers don't lie.So,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, P.O..It was a thrilling Ride so far.I want to thank everybody that went with me trough all the many Incarnations this Blog has gone through and give all who discovered us lately a warm Welcome.Special Thanks go to my dear Anne and the super kind Kaku,both supported me tremendiously in the last Year.Domo Arigato.Thanks to those,who left me a Comment,your Views and Suggestion are always welcome.My Birthday Wish is that you,the Visiters & Followers get more involved in this Blog.By either leaving Comments and Suggestions or get in touch with me and submit a Guest Mix .I hope to hear from you soon :).

But now,here is my Gift to you.Other than usual,this no Party Mix.I complied 2 Updates to the surprisingly popular Sunshine Pop Mixes that i posted in 2010.I selected 30 airy & sunny Gems of modern Sunshine Pop.Deceleration is the Word of the Day.Slow down and escape the hectic Modern Lifestyle,let your Soul ease.Don't shop,don't be productive,don't be availeble,don't post or tweet.Join me and waste this Day away by doing nothing.Meet some Friends at the Park or the Beach,take a ride on your Bicycle and greet all the People you meet with a Smile.Enjoy the Warmth ,the Nature and the company of Friends,darker Days will be here soon.To another good Year.Yours sincerly Percy Steward.

People like us,Today
1.Brent Cash-The Heart Will Always Work Alone
2.The Explorers Club-It's no use
3.Fantastic Something-Different Sound
4.Tommorow's World-Kites are Fun
5.Acid House Kings- A Chorus Line
6.Fitness Forever-Bacharach
7.Majestic-Sunday Driver
8.Bathing Beauty-Castles in the Air
9.Kim & Co.-Look up
10.Da Brasilians-Shadow
11.The Heavy Blinkers-In The Morning
12.The Pearlfishers-We'll Be The Summer
13.The High Llamas-To The Abbey
14.The Mondo Crescendo-Free
15.The Faraway Places-Summertime
More People like us,Today
1.Remington Super 60-Go System Go!
2.The Superimposers-Where Do You Go?
3.The Shermans-Sun Beach Summer
4.The Cherry Orchard-Everybody Knows
5.Top Sound-Your Summer Was Over In June
6.Rita Calypso-On the Trail
7.Tomorrow's World-Forgetting
8.Maria Napoleon-Viva la Muerte
9.Loveletter-Through Spray Coloured Glasses
10.Bart Davenport-Miami Afternoon
11.Lloyd Cole-Impossible Girl
12.This is Ivy League-Modern World
13.Chalk And Numbers-Summer Nights (And Summer Days)
14.Giorgio Tuma-An Enchanting Blue
15.The Free Design-Music Room

Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

The Temporary Club 003

I get the Feeling we're in the right Spot,a special feel this Place is really hot.I catch the Vibe,the Groove is outta sight,come on pretty Lady let's jump into the Night.The DJ's kickin funky Beats and the Crowd is furiously moving their Feet.We rock on any Rhythym to let ourselves go,so move your back from the Wall and start to get down .Keep on dancing, jump'n' join the Party.

1.The Past Present Organisation-Itchy Feet (Short Hop Mix)
2.Ronnie Jones-Jump'n Join
3.Kinoco Hotel-Moetsukitai no
4.Trash Monkeys-Clubtown
5.Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-Beautiful Stranger
6.The Frank Popp Ensemble-Psychedelic Girl
7.Andy Lewis-Exile On Hammond Street feat. Reg King
8.The Lady Spade-Koi no unmei menkyosho (D.L.T.L)
9.Lord Large-Stuck In A Wind Up
10.Big Boss Man-Reach out
11.Les Cappuccino-Ba Ba Ba... Boof
12.Osaka Monaurail-Get Ready
13.Corduroy-Season of the Rich
14.Nick Rossi Set-Monkeyshines



P.S. This Week sees the 3rd Bithday of Pachinko Overdrive,so prepare for a Special Birthday Surprise during the next Week.

Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.6

Part.6 of The Jazz Fizz,takes another look on Conscience & Abstract interaction of Acid Jazz and Hip Hop.In true Jazz Spirit,DJ's starting to explore the Free Form.Slowing down the Beats,incomporate Elements of Dub,Free Jazz and the Ideas of Sun Ra & Fela Kuti."Free your Mind and your Ass will follow" was the Order of the Day.Of course this was all done in the most danceable Way.Artists showed that being Aware and Funky doesen't have to be total Opposites and that Bling Bling and Party Rap weren't the only Option.A Spirit that is truely missed today.More Funky Grooves in Part.7.

1.Urban Species-The Experience
2.United Future Organization-Future Light
3.Palmskin Productions-Like Brothers
4.Silent Poets-The Children of the Future feat. Jalal
5.Brand New Heavies.It's gettin' hectic feat.Gangstarr
6.Galliano-Jus' Reach
7.Stereo MC's-Fade away
8.Stakka Bo-Totally Wired
9.Spiritual Vibes-Pupa (Kool Jazz Productions Remix)
10.Bubbatunes-This is just a dance
11.DJ Krush & Monday Michiru-Here between the Silence
12.The Quiet Boys-Let it go
13.R.P.M.-Sorti des Ombres 
14.Small Circle Of Friends-Sittin' On The Fence

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Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Kawaii Vol.8

I went to the Club the other Night,the Party was groovy and everyone lost Control.Our Minds flew away when Boys start spin their Records.No Time for Meditation,just the felt a new Sensation.The Party was crazy,as we seen the Night turn into Day.We danced till it blew our Brains,Dear but that's why we all came here for.That Night,all Night long.

1.Pizzicato Five-Party2.Les 5-4-3-2-1-les 5-4-3-2-1 et leur style de danse
3.Comoesta YAEGASHI-Amaranth Jive
4.Shigeo Naka-El Bimbo
5.Arai Toshiya-Sabre Dance (sabres of boss mix )
6.K-Ta-Bumble Bee Bossa 1 (Go Go Bee mix)
7.DJ 440-DJ 440's Classical Gas
9.Comoesta YAEGASHI & Jet Lopez-Tijuana Drive
10.Mansfield -I Spy
11.Sugi Masamichi-My Pinup Girl
12.Nomoto Karia-Tsuki no Mukou no Sekai
13.Mutsumi Inoue-抱きしめたい (readymade mix)
14.Pizzicato Five-Contact(Gentle People Mix)