Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

The Jazz Fizz Vol.5

Part.5 of the The Jazz Fizz Series is dedicated to the Latineers of Acid Jazz. Artists that paved the Way for the Comeback of Latin Music to Dancefloors around the Globe.From London to Tokyo and back,young Bands and DJ's celebrated their love for Latin Jazz by not only playing/covering the Classic Tunes,they started to update the Sound and create a fresh new urban Version.Snowboy & the Latin Section,here with the ultimate Cover of Anarchy in the UK,showed with their high speed Salsa,that this Music wasen't made for upthight Dance Classes.Gonzalez Suzuki(ex-Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys),Shuya & Yoshihiro Okino,United Future Organization dusted the cobweb of the Bossa Nova and gave it it's original meaning "New Wawe" back.They and dozens of other Artists started a renaissance that still lives on and leaves it's marks in almost every style of modern Music.Latin Music is here to stay.More in Part.6

1.Pressure Drop-Big Noise
2.Kyoto Jazz Massive Project-Rising Sun
3.Bossa Free-Mas que nada
4.Snowboy & the Latin Section-Anarchy in the UK
5.Masa Collective-Love Is Everywhere (KJM Reconstruction)
6.The Quite Boys-Modal (New Jazz Edit)
7.Soull Bossa Trio-Easy Bounce
8.The Jazz Defectors-Invisible You
9.United Future Organisation-Upa Neguinho (Supa Neg Mix)
10.The Jazz Renegades-Playing for Real
11.DJ Takemura-Harmonium
13.Ulf Sandberg Quartet-Bolivia
14.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Moondance

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Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Shibuya Soul 8

A Room with a View,set the Perspective,adjust the Zoom,press the Shutter Release and Freeze Frame.An Image of People frozen in Time.A Chorography created by chance, momentary Beauty.A Snapshot of us all,living a Life by the Pulse of the City.A chaotic Ballet of Individuals.Wanna join the Dance?

1.Bird-Bitter Sweet Friday
2.Crazy Ken Band-Midnight Cruiser
3.Nona Reeves-Bad Girl
4.Jazztronik-Now's the time feat.Tommy Blair
5.Kenichiro Nishihara-Livin' The Life feat. Steph Pockets(Remix)
6.Ino Hidefumi-Blood is thicker than Water
7.Okino,Akwasi & Dego-Pieces of You feat. Yukimi Nagano
8.Paris Match-Party Down
9.Coco d'Or-Carnival
10.Asako Toki-Takin' it slow
12.Gleeps-Summer Rain
13.Crazy Ken Band-37°
14.Monday Michiru-Don't Disturb This Groove

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Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Zero Gravity II

It took almost a Year before we could make a return to the Zero Gravity Lounge during technical Problems.Now all Problems are fixed and you can enjoy your Visit to your full satisfaction.Sink into our comfertable Loungescapes,feel your almost weightless Body float.Let your Mind go blank,cut the ropes of Reason and let your Spirit drift to the dreamy Sounds of some Warmtronica.We hope that you find your Time on Board refreshing.Enjoy your Stay.

1.Salyu × Salyu-歌いましょう
2.Organic Stereo-World without us
3.Yuri Miyauchi-Okt_
4.I am robot and proud-The Melt
5.Chari Chari-Remains
6.Towa Tei-Batik
8.Gentle Universe-Tree House Playroom
9.kahimi Karie-Blue Orb
10.Jazztronik-The Night of Tallin
11.Ino Hidefumi-Living Message
12.Silent Poets-I Will Miss This Holy Garden(Dub)
13.Kenji Ozawa-あの川
14.Our Hour-GM
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Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Digital Love

It has become a good Tradition that on the 1st of the Month(if possible)
a new Guestmix is posted.We're happy continue this fond Practice with another splendid Mix by the good Soul of PO. and my dear Friend Anne.Here is a little Introduction she's done:
"Flashback, the Eighties, the World is dancing to electronic bleeps and boops. Synthie Pop rules the Planet and Japan is no exception, which isn't a surprise since Japan is the home to most manufacturers of good, affordable Synthesizers like the famous Yamaha DX-7, which became the most widely spread & sold synthesizer in History. At the forefront of the Electronic Music Scene in Japan were Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro Takahashi and Ryuichi Sakamoto, collectively known as Yellow Magic Orchestra, and through their own works in addition to lending their song writing and composition talents to a plethora of other artists, they did much to shape the sound of Popular Music in Japan during the Eighties. One result of that was the birth of the genre "Techno Kayo", which was characterized by Idol Pop artists such as Seiko Matsuda and Kenji Sawada repackaging themselves with Electronic Styling to fit the music trends of the time. This mix was intended to bring together a mixture of both YMO written and influenced Techno Kayo and Techno Pop, and to be a celebration of Eighties Electronic Japan overall."

1.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Lover come back
2.Chika Takami-kuchibiru Nude
4.Susan-koiseyo otome
5.Seiko Matsuda-わがままな片想い
6.Akiko Yano-春咲小紅
7.Saeko Suzuki-Happy End
8.Yellow Magic Orchestra-音楽
9.Pizzicato Five-Boy meets Girl
10.Sheena-Wai Wai Wai
11.Testpattern-Modern Living
12.Yukihiro Takahashi-Extra-Ordinary
13.Miharu Koshi-龍宮城の恋人
14.Shi-Shonen-Lovely Singing Circuit
15.Haruomi Hosono-スポーツマン



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