Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

The Soul Fizz Vol.1

We end the celebrations to P.O.'s 2nd Birthday with something smooth & soulful.The Soul Fizz is a 3-part Spin off of the popular Jazz Fizz Series.The focus is on the more mellow Side of the Acid Jazz Movement.With Artists like the The Brand New Heavies who became real big in the States after their Member Jamiroquai left the band to become the new Stevie Wonder.Love Sick by The Night Trains was a moderate Hit on both Sides of the Pond and still attracts People to the Dancefloor.Nothing like this by Omar is one of the greatest Smoozer of all Time.The soulful jazzy Sounds of Incognito became a huge influence for the japanese Scene.Mostly ignored in the rest of the World,Incognito still have a massive Fanbase in Asia.More in Part.2

1.The Brand New Heavies-Never Stop
2.Mother Earth-Look To The Light
3.The Night Trains-Love Sick
4.D-Influence-That's Right
5.The Solsonics-So Much More Together
6.Raw Stylus-Higher Love
7.Vibraphonic-To Know You is to Love You
8.New Jersey Kings-Les joies de l'amour
9.Omar-There's Nothing Like This
10.The Quiet Boys-Make Me Say It Again Girl
11.Gazelle-Mistakes of Human Nature
12.RAD.-Time To Change (Feat. Push)
13.Incognito-I Love What You Do for Me
14.Young Disciples-As We Come (To Be)

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Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Die Grosse Teenager Tanz Party

Hip Hip Hooray,2 Years of Pachinko Overdrive.Who would have thought that this Adventure would last that long.Over 70.000 Hits,a 160 Posts,33 Followers and a dozen Guest Mixes.I think those Numbers justify a proper Party but before we all hit the Dancfloor,i have to thank all the People who encouraged & supported me in my effort to deliver a Mix every Week.A few People deserve special appreciation:Anne(the heart & Soul of P.O.),Mike,Kaku & Fanmaki.Thank very very much.You're Magnificent.Thanks to all who have left a Comment.Your Views & Opinions are always welcome.Enough of that maudlin Talk.Let's Party Pachinko Style with Big Beats and classy Melodies. 3 Cheers to all the Adventures to come.Percy

Disc 1
1.Comoesta Yaegashi and his TPOchestra-Land of a thousand Dances
3.Propellerheads-Crash! (Edit)
5.Jacknife Lee-Bursting Off The Backbeat(It's Man's Man's Field Mix)
6.Mansfield-The New Pollution (It's a Man's Man's Field Re-work Mix)
7.Mint Royale-Shake me
8.Makoto Miura-Vercoquin Et Le Plancton
9.Charles Wilp-Close Up (Re-Closed By Metrophonics)
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-St. Parade
11.Montefiori Cocktail-Arrivederci A Capri (Feat. Lorraine Bowen)
12.Bentley Rhythm Ace-Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out!
14.Mike Flowers & The Flowers Pops-MacArthur Park

Disc 2
1.Akakage-I Love Pop Music
2.Ursula 1000-Got Cha
3.Trüby Trio-A Go Go (DJ Muro Remix)
4.Comoesta Yaegashi and his TPOchestra-Go-Go de BB
5.Mint Royale-Because i'm worth it
6.Skeewiff-Soul Bossanova
7.Makoto Miura-Les Morts Ont Tous La Meme Peau
8.Los Chicharrons-Bongo Hell
9.Nu Braz-Scherzi Di Primavera
10.Takeshi Nakatsuka-On the Palette
11.Don Tiki-Billions Of Brazilians
12.Moody 27-Tumbao Combo
13.Italian Secret Service-Not the same
14.Collette-Dixie Soundcrash



Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Starlight Casino III

Welcome,on Board of the most groovy & glittering Satellite in this part of the Milky Way.The Starlight Casino is proud to start of the festivities to Pachinko Overdrives 2nd Birthday,next Week.For this occasion we tied a colorful Bouquet of funky Tunes that shall put you in the right Mood to celebrate this happy Anniversary.Watch out for a Special Birthday Mega Mix during the next Week and keep on dancing besides the Stars.

1.Asako Toki-LIBERTINE
2.Waffels-Need You
3.Shiho Fujisawa-Sunny Days feat. Okada Kyoko
4.Paris Match-Never Stop
5.Metro Trip-恋をするなら
6.Crazy Ken Band-Hirugao
7.Clazziquai Project-Come again
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Take Me to the Disco [Malibu Mix]
9.Mondo Grosso-BLZ (Bob Sinclar Remix)
10.Humming Urban Stereo-Say It's So
11.Jazztronik-The King of Dance
12.Towa Tei-Time After Time
13.Force of Light-I-Light
14.Crue-l Grand Orchestra-It's a brand new day (for mankind)

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Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.3

Summer,half past nine in the morning and we're already wide-awake.We pack our Bags & grab some Tapes,jump on our Scooter.Fast,fast,let's leave the Town.Down the Roads until we reach the Shore.Where we are today,we won't be tomorrow.

1.Fourteen Chords-Today
2.Stud Muffin-Feel me
3.Neat-September Swing
4.Orange Tambourine-Silent Sister Smile
5.American Girl-Ather Voices Ather Rooms
6.Kaji Hideki-Ivy Ivory Ivy
7.The Caraway-Wonderful Moment
8.ROUND TABLE featuring Nino-パズル(extra hot mix)
9.Boys & Girls Together-Orchard Full Of Orange
10.Asako Toki-Walk On
11.Metro Ongen-Metro
12.Dizzy Joghurt-Rainy Sunday Is Over
13.Serenaide-Would You Like To Hear It Too?
14.4 Bonjour's Parties-Ruins



Samstag, 9. Juli 2011


Welcome on Board of Flight 004 of Pachinko Air.It's Time for a relaxing Summer Holiday.What better Destination to go than Rimini,Italy.The Pearl on the Adriatic coast.For Hot Days at the Beach and mild Nights in the Clubs.The Lounge-tastic Label Irma(Bolonga) will be responsible for the top-class Entertainment.Thank you for choosing Pachinko Airlines. Please place your Arm rests down and your Tables up and prepare for Take off!

1.Acusmatic Group-The Fixer (Solo Moderna Remix)
2.Pino Ninfa-Sans Bitter
3.Sam Paglia-Night Club Tropez (Dedicated To Alberto Sordi)
4.DJ Rodriguez-Mi fai sognar feat.Maki Nomiya
5.Riovolt-Sidewalk Samba
6.Italian Secret Service-No se
7.Bengi Jumping-Modernita
8.Modulo 5-Softly Sonora
9.Montefiori Cocktail-My Darling Bossanova feat.Lorraine Bowen
10.Jona E Coro-Viva La Felicita
11.Marc IV-Andre
12.Clan Greco-Avendia
13.Ohm Guru-Hotel Capri
14.Chris Joss-Bakara



Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

Introducing AKSB

1st of July and we got another sparkeling Guest Mix.This Time by Kaku,a warm-hearted Friend of PO from Japan.The Mix contains some wonderful Tunes of the relatively new genre called Akishibu-kei.A mix of Shibuya-kei and Akiba-kei (the latter referring to cosplay idols singing in high-pitched voices over electro-pop), which is getting acknowledged by this Compilation of Anime Songs.Can't say much more because i don't know nothing else about it except for the Fact that it sounds very groovy.Please show Kaku Love & Respect.

1.Yuri Shiratori-CAFE CON LECHE
2.Sengoku Nadeko (Hanazawa Kana)-Ren'ai Circulation
4.Nakahara Mai & Shimizu Ai-Ichigo Tsumi Monogatari
5.Rie Kugimiya,Mamiko Noto,Megumi Toyoguchi-Love or Unlimited
6.ROUND TABLE feat Nino-Let me be with you
7.Yuko Ogura-Onna no ko , Otoko no ko
9.Iri(Asumi Kodama)-Koi wo Shiteimasu
10.Ha'nyuu (Horie Yui)-Nano desu
11.Yui Horie-Vanilla Salt
12.Miyuki Sawashiro-Neko Mimi Rhythm
13.V.A.-Koi Dorobou Gokko
14.Hiromi Satou-Nantene 76fs
15.Dimitri From Paris (& Chiwa Saitou)-Neko Mimi Mode



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.