Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Time to say...

Ahoi Everybody
it's sad but the Time has come to say goodbye to Pachinko Overdrive as we know it.This is the final Post here but before we defenitely close the Doors, i want to thank all the People that helped Pachinko Overdrive to exist that long.Either with being so generous to create Guestmixes or by being so kind to share some of their Treasures with me and of course you the avid Visitors of my Blog.THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!

But now off to New Shores.I hope to do the finishing touches to the new Site this Weekend.As i mentioned on the last Post,the new Blog is Invites-only but don't worry there are no Terms of Admission.I only need your E-mail Adress and soon an Invitation is on it's way.You can contact me via Blogger ,LastFm or you simply leave your Adress in the Comment Section, i promise to keep those confidental and delete them as soon as i copied it.I'm very confident that we'll find way to get in touch, those who's Adress i already have ,can expect an Invitation during the next Days.I hope to welcome all of you at our new Location.Percy

PS.This Site will remain open and i will keep all the none affected Links online.So there is still a lot to discover.Have Fun and don't forget to leave a Comment.

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Good News

Ahoi Everybody
at first i want to thank all the People for the positive and very helpful Feedback that reached me during the last 10 Days.I carefully considered all your Suggestions and came to the conclusion that Pachinko Overdrive will continue but in a new Form.I decided against a Streaming Site like Soundcloud or 8 Tracks,after i talked to some Friends that use it for their DJ Mixes and they said that it woulden't fit my needs.Unless i also turn my Stuff also in one continues Mix but that's not what PO. is about.I also thought that the Download schould still be avaible and that's why i decided to start a new Invites-Only Blog over at Wordpress.I'll start working on that immediatly but please give me some time to get used to the new Site and move all the Stuff.I hope that we can celebrate the Grand Openning at the 1st of Feburary.Next week,i'll give you all the Details on how get an Invite and all the other Stuff that comes along with the relocation of Pachinko Overdrive.I hope you all agree with my Decision and that a lot of you will follow us to our new Home.Let know what you think ? I'm curious about your Comments.Greetz Percy

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Under Siege

Ahoi Friends,Followers & random Visitors
During the last 2-3 Weeks,you may noticed,that there are massive propblems with downloading the Mixes. The Reason for that is, that almost every Post is blocked due to Complains about Copyright Violations. A fact that brought Pachinko Overdrive to a stand still,i don't want to start nagging about the "Content Mafia" that wants to save their Benefices.We here at PO. always wanted to support and highlight Artists/Genres we love with our Mixes.We never intended to hurt the incomes of any Artist,we mainly used Music that was older than a Year and in a lot of cases are out of print.There is no Question that Artists should get payed for their Work like everybody else but since i got some very encouraging Mails by some of the Artists/Bands 
that i featured, telling me that they liked my Concept and supported Po. by sending me, Songs they like me to include on future Mixes,i also got some Feedback for Visitors that said they discovered new things, that they now wanted to purchase.I woulden't be so bold to say that we helped to earn them Money but i think that we diden't hurt the income of any Artist we featured,especially when you know that I-Tunes pays the Artists, the massive share of 5.5 to 10 Cent per 99 Cent Song.Anyways,the Question is,what to do now?It dosen't make sense to run the Blog under the danger of an emmediate takedown via MediaFire with every new Post.Since i already finished the Base Frame for the new Year,i'd like to know if you like Pachinko Overdrive to continue?Of course some kind of transformation will be unavoidable,maybe a new "Invites-only" Version of PO. or we take shelter at a closed Forum?Maybe you have Suggestions or Ideas how to solve this Situation?Please let know if you like me to continue and if you are willing to follow Pachinko Overdrive onto the next evolutional Level.Your Feedback and Help is desperately need,so raise your Voice and help this Blog to survive.

Yours Sincerly,Percy

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Zero Gravity IV

Welcome,we hope you all had a splendid transition into 2013 but after all the good Food and the hard partying ,it's time for some Rest & Relaxation.What better place to come to,to recharge the Batteries than the Zero Gravity Lounge.Follow us on a weightless Journey through warmtronica Soundscapes that will stimulate & refresh your Brain and always remember "Entspannung is beautiful"

1.Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko-Vinyl Words
2.ken Ishii-M 17 (Yaju Gari)
3.Shinichi Osawa-The Patch
4.Miyauchi Yuri-Fida_
5.Takako Minekawa-Picknick at Loose Rock
6.Organic Stereo-Brightness
7.Ryuichi Sakamoto-War & Peace (Cornelius Remix)
8.Hajime Yoshizawa-Pentagon
9.Mini Kyute-Sanctuary (Aki Okabe Remake)
10.Yoshinori Sunahara-Bluelight
12.Lamb-Glider (MELOS mix)
13.Chari Chari-Ti Burung
14.Utsumi-Yoyogi Park

Deleted due Copyright Complains