Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Superflat Japan

I got a big Art Catalog from Takashi Murakami for my Birthay.You might know him from the Louis Vuitton Commercial with Music From FPM.He calles his Art Superflat because it misses dimensional depth.The Coverart of "Stronger" by Megalomaniac Kanye West is also his Design.Murakami has his own Clothing Line called Kaikai Kiki Co.,wich also is a Marketing Company for his own Art.As you can see i like his Art very much.The 12 Songs are the Sound i hear when i watch his Art.Check it out and you will love it like i do.Rember what the allknowing Momus said:Art can you help have a better Day. So long Percy.

3.Marino-Tic Tac
4.Plus Tech Squezze Box-A Day in the Radio
5.Nagisa Cosmetic-Life Balance
6.Shiho Fujisawa-Magical Smile
9.Stawberry Machine-ABC of Charlotte
10.Capsule Space Station no.9
11.Atomic Soul Experiences-A Monkey Scratches
12.Yann Tomita-Through my Window



Montag, 28. September 2009

A Groove Thang:The FPM Remixes Japan

As promised this is the 3rd Edition of Percy's Basementmade Remix Sampler.This Time all Lights on Tomoyuki Tanaka aka Fantastic Plastic Machine.The Kyoto born DJ,Producer & Artist is one of the 7 Golden Gods of Shibuya.Together with Towa Tei he hit the Clubs as Sound Impossible in the early 90's.Since 1997 he released a few of the best Records ever.His latest Project is the Avex Supergroup Ravex.These 14 Remixes for all kind of Artists shows his Talent and Joy for Music.

1.Every Little Thing-JIRENMA (FPM Young Soul Mix)
2.Eri Nobuchika-Lights (FPM Obsession Mix)
3.May J.-Love Blossom(FPM House Mix)
4.Puffy Amiyumi-Nagisa Ni Matsuwaru (FPM Take Me To The Disco Mix)
5.Ketsumeishi-yoru-kaze (FPM disco tropicana)
6.Pe'z-Hale No Sola Sita(La Yellow Samba)
7.Tomoyuki Tanaka-Theme from Lupin the 3rd (F.P.M.'s Reconstruction Mix)
8.Clazziquai Project-Our Lives (FPM Hyper Society Mix)
9.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Behind the Mask (FPM's Sweet Bossa Nova)
10.Unicorn-hataraku otoko (FPM Everlust Mix)
11.Ayu-mi-Whatever(FPM Winter Bossa)
12.Dragon Ash-Life goes on(FPM Beautiful Lovers mix)
13.Matsuda Seiko-anata ni aitakute –missing you(FPM Mix for Lovers)
14.Every Little Thing-Fragile (FPM Bitter Sweet Samba Mix)


P.S. Part 2 will feature the rest of the World.

Sonntag, 27. September 2009


As promised the evil Dictator took over.Which means he keeps all good Stuff to his self.Like in real World.I understand now that you Visitors don't wont to interact with me.So i don't feel no longer the need to do something nice for People who not seem to care.In next Weeks i will not post any Discographys(exept you ask nicely).But i will do what I like and that are Homemade Sampler & Remix Compilations.Maybe you understand that a Blog like this means Work,which i don't mind(i love this Music),but a little Feedback isen't too much to ask for.If you stay true to this Blog i would be more than glad.Who knows maybe someday soon we will have a relation of taking and giving.If have any Opinion about this let me know.Percy

Dienstag, 22. September 2009

The Choice is Yours

This Weekend Capital City is going to vote for a New Big Cheese or stay with the old smelly one.So it came across my Mind,Democracy is a good Thing.Until Sunday You the Vistors of this nice Leecher Lounge can decide which Band or Artist will feature the next Mega Post.The Contestants are:
1.M-Flo-Tokyo's favourite Party Pranksters
2.Capsule-From P.5 Epigone to Electrobeats Monster
3.Kaji Hideki-Japans own Nick Heyward
4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Shibya's brightest Mirrorball
5.United Future Organization-Soundtracks for the World
6.Takako Minekawa-Miss Fantastic Cat
The Race has started.I wonder who will Win.Leave your Vote in the Comments.If you don't speak your Mind the Evil Dictator will take over.Raise your Voice.Percy

Montag, 21. September 2009

Reewind Selector

Summer dosenn't seem to end this Year.26°C outside and the sounds of the Skatalites get me in an Irie Mood.So i thought why not do a selection of Jamican flavered Tunes from our favourite japanese Artists.Here is the result:14 massive Sounds from Dancehall to Future Dub.Light your Spliff and do some Uptown Ranking.

1.Towa Tei-Son of Bambi
2.Cubismo Grafico-Man of Lafonda(Paul Bauman Remix)
3.Losfeld-Sweet Inn
4.Cubismo Grafico-Real Rock
5.High Yummies-Mog Drummond
6.Cubismo Grafico-Devoted to you
7.High Yummies-Mog Alphonso
8.Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers-I fought the Law
9.Maki Noyima-Luna Cruise
10.Mari Natsuki-Sea,Sex & Sun
11.Pizzicato Five-Two Sleepy People
12.Reggae Disco Rockers-Oasis (Y-Sunahara's Studio Re-Mix)
13.Audio Active-Dub out of the Well
14.Fantastic Plastic Machine.Please Stop!(Rude Bones Version)

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 19. September 2009


Usagi-chang Records artist MissWonda's first album produced by Suzuki Akira (Sonic Coaster Pop) is a bubbly joyful Electro Pop Album.Whisper Voice and french Lyrics Wonderful Tangent as all the ingrediants you need for a perfect J-Girl Pop Record.
Hope you like as much as i do.This the last Post of the B-day Week.Did you have Fun?
Let me know.

Misswonda-Wonderful Tangent(2003)


Freitag, 18. September 2009


Thank God it's Friday.The Weekend starts here,with none other than the Weekenders.Two japanese DJ's.World's End is a nice housy Club Album.If you like FreeTempo or Clazziquai Project than this one is for you.Put the Needle on the Record and shake your Legs.

Weekenders-World's End(2009)


Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Portable Rock

Today's Post is a unknowen Treasure.I don't know anything about this Record except that the great Maki Noyima sings.QT+1 sounds a lot like British 80's Synth-pop Bands
as Lotus Eaters,China Crisis and the ever great Altred Images.I think it's a good Example for Cultural Exchange.When Japan opens to the rest of the World in the late 70's,early 80's there was huge fascination for Japan in Europe.The Bristish New Wave/Post-Punk Movement relates a lot to Japan.Japan as always sucks in subcultur from foreign Strands and transforms it into something own and unique.It reminds me of my Teen years when everything was new and was i.So take a hike into the not so bad 1980's.

Portable Rock-QT+1(1986)


P.S. Thanks to Saúl / NiGHTS

Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Petty Booka

World famous ukulele-playing pop duo from Tokyo Petty Booka do Hawaiian and Bluegrass (including Reggae and ska)-inspired covers of country, punk and classic-rock -- everything from Patsy Cline to Ramones. Since they have released their debut album "Toconuts Hawaii" in 1995 , from BENTEN Label in Tokyo, they have been releasing the variety of albums of Hawaiian, Bluegrass, Country, Christmas and Dance Hall with the greatest Japanese musicians and some special guest players, like the legend of exotic sound , Martin Denny plays piano.This is their first release in the USA.Grab yourself a cool fancy Drink and dance the Hula.Aloha Percy.

Petty Booka-Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian(2003)


Dienstag, 15. September 2009

Reiko Ike

WARNING!!!Today treat is for Adults only.Reiko Ike (born: 1953)was the undisputed queen of pinky violence.A Japan own Movie Genre best compared to Blaxploitation.She stars in Movies as Girl Boss Blues: Queen Bee’sCounterattack,GirlBossGuerilla, Graveyard of Honor.The 1971 Album "Kokotsu no Seku" can best be discripted as Sleasy Listenning or Iroke Kayokyoku.Hear Reiko Ike moan,sigh and whisper over cheesy Organs
and theatralic Strings.If you like Soundtracks as "Vampyros Lesbos & Schulmädchenreport" this is for you.Dim the Light and get sensual.

Reiko Ike-Kokotsu no Seku(1971)

P.S. I got of these Music by other Artists.If you want more leave a Comment.

Montag, 14. September 2009

Swing Slow

I got this Album Years ago as a Gift from my Brother.It stayed with me ever since.Swing Slow is one of the many disguises of Harry Hosono jr.of YMO Fame.This Time he teames up with Miharu Koshi.Koshi is a Singer that worked with Hosono & R.Sakamoto several times and released a bunch of Solo Albums.The self titled Record sounds like a Postcard of the good old Time that never been.Most of the Songs have a fifties-country feeling with Pedal-steel & Jodeling.Listen to "I'm Leaving it up to you" or "Good Morning Mr. Echo" and fall in Love.The usual Hosono Hawaiin touch sounds in too.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Record.Hope you enjoy it too.If so or not leave a comment.

Swing Slow(1996)


Sonntag, 13. September 2009

Hajime Tachibana

Hajime Tachibana,born 1951 in Tokyo.He was part of the famous Plastics and released several Solo Albums.Today he works as a award-winning Graphic Desinger.Bambi was produced with Towa Tei.Indian pop music and a theme called Bambi run throughout.Towa Tei reworked the Tune later as Son of Bambi.His cover version of Hugo Montenegro's Moog Power is big Fun too.The Album could be discripted as Pre-Shibuya -kei.Hear for yourself.It also has one of the best Coverart ever.

Hajime Tachibana-Bambi(1991)


Birthdaycake for All

Hi There.This Week sees my Birthday(again).So
I'm in a giving Mood(and not complaining about you not commenting).This Week i will
Post an Album that i like every Day.No Boundries of Style or Genre.Let's take a Walk
through the amazing World of Japanese Music.Maybe you discover something to laugh,wonder
or shake your but.Have Fun.PERCY

Samstag, 12. September 2009

Cubismo Grafico Five

The Extended Version of Cubismo Grafico are:Syuta-Low "TGMX" Tagami / Piano. Organ. Synthesizers. Tp and Chorus,Shige Murata / Bass. Chorus,Gakuji "chiave" Matsuda / VOX. Guitar. Something,330 mimio / Guitar. Chorus & Akira Tsuneoka / Drums. Riddims. Voi.
They released 4 Records to date.First planned as a one time Side-Project to his DJ Work,Matsuda had so much Fun,that they continued.Their 2nd Album was real a Sucess.The Band toured a lot and played even at the South by Southwest Festival in the USA.The Music is wild Mix of all Genres.It's playful,catchy,uplifting,straight forward but most important BIG FUN.So if you like openminded POP with Style & self Ironie,this your Band.Trust ME.Percy.

Cinq (2004)


Pop Pollution(2006)

P.S.Looking for "Pleasures".

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

********* Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes Pt.2

Back again!14 new Delights from one of Shibuya's 7 Golden Gods.This Edition features
Artists as Puffy(not the phony rapper),Soul God James Brown,80's J-pop Unicorn,German
Jazz/lounge Pioneers De-Phazz & lots more.So enjoy the funky jazzy Remixes by the great Konishi-san.Let's DANCE.

1.Asia Engineer-Momi Momi(Fantastic Remixed by)
2.Puffy-HI HI(Readymade Toon Jingle)
3.De-Pazz-Jeunesse Doree(Readymade Remix)
4.Puffy-Kore Ga Watashi No Ikiru Michi (The Readymade; Darlin' Of Discotheque Track)
5.Y.Konishi-Theme From Lupin The 3rd 3 (Readymade 524 Mix)
6.Puffy-Boodie Woogie No.5(Readymade All that Jazz)
7.James Brown-Sex Machine(Readymade Jazz Defector)
8.Puffy-Circuit No Musume (The Readymade JBL Mix '99)
9.Y.Konishi-Theme from Lupin the 3rd I/II [Readymade All That Jazz]
10.Joan Gaspart-Mickey Mouse March (DJ 524’S INCREDIBLE SAMBA BAND MIX)
11.Unicorn-Daimeiwaku (Readymade dai mix)
12.Unicorn-Your Love is a Drug (Readymade Acid Test 2003)
13.M-flo-Hands readymade (JBL Mix 2000)
14.Zard-Can'T Take My Eye Off Of You(Readymade Wizard Short Mix)

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Montag, 7. September 2009

Pizzicato Five (5)

The Afterglow
Here are some Treasures from the never ending Archives of Pizzicato Five.Compilations,Remixes,Re-releases & more loony tunes from Japan's first Band on the Moon.

Pizzicato Five We Dig You(2006)

Singles in Triad & Readymade years (2001)

Pizzicato Five Remixes 2000

More next Time.ENJOY!!!

Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Flipper's Guitar

By the time Keigo Oyamada became a worldwide phenomenon as Cornelius, he had already conquered Shibuya and the rest of Japan as half of pop duo Flipper's Guitar. Along with bandmate Kenji Ozawa (nephew of composer Seiji Ozawa), Oyamada hacked through the de facto rules for pumping out pop music, creating sweet confections referencing Brian Wilson, bossa nova, British guitar pop, Burt Bacharach, psychedelic music, and anything that was continental and suave. The five member band, founded in 1988 while its two leaders were still in high school, was originally called Lollypop Sonic, and pledged allegiance to British neo-acoustic bands like The Pastels (although the cut "Goodbye, our Pastels Badges" from Flipper's first album would preface a change in their sound). The band's name changed to Flipper's Guitar around the time of the release of their first album on Polydor, Three Cheers for Our Side, in 1989. Although the album was a commercial flop, the band was creating a minor buzz, and had songs featured in a movie and television drama. Shortly after the release of their first album, the band had been whittled down to a duo of Oyamada and Ozawa, and a powerful new songwriting and marketing force was emerging. Polydor released Camera Talk in 1990, featuring the pared-down lineup and all Japanese lyrics. The album would go on to be their biggest seller, featuring lush arrangements and a further sharpened pop sensibility, with nods to bossa, jazz, house, and British guitar rock. Flipper's kept up the pace after the release of Camera Talk, dropping a series of successful singles, a magazine column in Takarajima, a radio show called Martians Go Home, and plenty of cute photo shoots. With news of their imminent breakup already circulating, the band dropped Dr. Head's World Tower in 1991. Referencing the Monkees disastrous film excursion into psychedelia, Head, the record was a tripped-out free-for-all that showed Oyamada and Ozawa experimenting even more daringly and successfully, and hinted at what was to come for Oyamada as Cornelius.(Nippop)

Camera Talk (1990)

Doctor Head's World Tower (1991)

Colour Me Pop (1991)