Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Les Yper Sound

Day 7:For our last Excurrsion we visit the Japan Gas Association Pavilion,with the theme "World of Laughter".It looks like a laughin Gasflame.The Gas Pavilion has a multi-screen film show "symphony of laughter" shown on four screens to audiences of 380 at a time.We managed to get into the Toshiba and IHI Pavilion. Here 500 visitors at a time are loaded onto a circular platform that then rose 5.5m up into a 26m diameter theater space. An 18 minute film show is presented on nine screens, each 9m wide at base and 7.5m wide at the top. During the show, entitled "Light for Man", the audience platform rotates.Here we'll stay also for some Late Night Entertainment.The Event is called"Les Yper Sound" and over 30 Artists will perform the "Now Sound of Today".This Musical Tour de Force will be the perfect Finale to our wonderful Week at the Expo'70 in Osaka.Sayounara

1.Propellerheads-History Repeating feat.Shirley Bassey/2.Mansfield-Groove Room [For Swingers Only]/3.Corduroy-Moshi Moshi/4.Konishi Yasuhara-Yōko no Twist/5.doing Time- I Was A Ye Ye Girl/6.Qythone-Scooter/7.All Seeing I-Beat Goes On/8.Serani Poji-Rabbit Panic/9.Propellerheads-Velvet Pants/10.Capsule-Swing 54321/11.Tommy Bass-Bow Wow/12. Cubismo Grafico-Danz Le Métro/13.DJ Rodriguez-Personality /14. Miniflex -Terrestra/15. Skeewiff-Coming home baby/16.Montparnasse-ugo/17.Monsieur Blumenberg-Caprice Des Dieux 18.Pizzicato Five-Good/19.Stereo De Luxe-Jane/20.Yukari Fresh-3 Beats

1.Arling & Cameron-Ein Abend in Wien/2.Mansfield-Atelier 507/3.Lorraine Bowen & Robert Passera-Tee Tee Cocò/4.Qythone-Something Valuable In Me/5.Lemon-Citron Presse / 6.Comoestas-Bossa 747/7.Beat Bros Vs. Nilla Pizzi-La Rumba Del Cocorico/8.Comoestas-Mambotango no.5/9.De-Pazz-The Mambo Craze/10.Ciabatta & Paletta-Muchaco/11.Sandii with The Coconut Cups-Watashi (Comoestas Mix)/12.Calin with Fantastic Plastic Machine-Samba de minha namoradinho/13.Montefiori Cocktail-Trip 60/14.Pizzicato Five-Mais que nada15.Tipsy-Wig Out/16.Losfeld-Sweet Inn/17.The Maxwell Implosion-Tic Tac/18.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Please, Stop!/19.Serani Poji-Lovelabor/20.Dimitri from Paris-Okinawa love(feat.Kissen Horino)



P.S.I like to thank all the People who contributed & supported this Blog through the last Year.Especially Anne,Kyohei,Sam Houser,Akafuku & Heather.You're GREAT.Please keep/start commenting,it's very Important.Progress and Harmony for you all.Percy

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:A Night of "Vorsprung durch Technik"

Day6:Most of our Time we spent today at the German Pavilion which is mostly underground.We watched a Fashion Show by the Designer Rudi Gernreich.It was called "Unisex" and was presented by a bald shaved Male/Female Couple.Both wore identical Cloth.Women in pants and men in skirts, everything can and should be interchangeable with each other.Quiet a Scandal.Upon the Pavilion they build the world's first, and so far only, spherical concert hall. It was based on artistic concepts by Karlheinz Stockhausen and an audio-technical concept from the Electronic Studio at the Technical University in Berlin. The audience sit on a sound-permeable grid just below the centre of the sphere, 500 loudspeakers arranged all around reproduced, fully in three dimensions, electro-acoustic sound compositions that had been specially commissioned or adapted for this unique space.And there we will whitness a Night of "Vorsprung durch Technik".See you all tomorrow.

1.Andreas Dorau-Hallo/2.Dauerfisch-Bitte gehen sie weiter/3.Jeans Team-Berlin am Meer/4.Der Plan-Und dunkel war's/5.Whirlpool Productions-From Disco to Disco/6.Merricks-Discodancig und Booker T./7.Die Moulinettes-Liebe Auf Dem Land/8.Stella-O.K., tomorrow I'll be perfect/9.Low-fi Generator-Stereo/10.Lee Buddah-Easy Baby/11.Elektrostar-T.F.W.Y/12.Isar 12-Inoffizielle Themamelodie für den evangelischen Kirchentag/13.Paula-Ärger/14.Stereo Total-Ushilo sugatta ga Kilei/ 15.Erobique-Kirchturmtreppen/16. Californiae-Tasse Kaffee/17.Visit Venus-Magic Fly/18.Tonka Seine Schwester-Nothing I Want You To Do



Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Discolite

Day5:Refreshed during our Day off,we arrive via the Monorail like Transport System.Passing the eccentric 70m Sun Tower,our path leads right to the Hong Kong government pavilion.It looks like an ancient chinese Ship.For a Night out we visit the Swiss Pavilion where a tree of aluminum in front of a finely-detailed, precisely formed exhibition hall. The 32,000 lamps on the branches were turned on in 10 stages. cooled air flowed in waves from the tree, making the plaza a very popular place to rest - electronic music is projected downwards from the tree - when the lamps are lit the music changed to another program and broadcast outwards from the loudspeakers at the treetop.See you all tomorrow.

1.I-Dep-Sign of Summer/Pizzicato Five-Wild Strawberry Boogie/ 3.Hourmelts-Your World, My Nest, Vague Trust/4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Reaching For The Stars/5.FreeTEMPO-Twilight/6.Hairsalon-Everlasting love/7.Lamp-Konya No Futari/8.Paris Match-Saturday /9.Humming Urban Stereo-Delight Disco/10.Weekenders-Love Diary feat. STALKER STUDIO/ 11.Towa Tei-Forget Me Nots/12.Cubismo Grafico-Story Ends/13.Pizzicato Five-Jolly Bubbly Lovely/Akiko Wada-ano kane o narasu no wa anata



Montag, 26. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Bamboo Lounge

Day3:Today was exhausting because of all the Vistors(350 000 per day),we have to stand in Line all Day.Still managed to visit the Japan telecommunication pavilion that looks like a strange yellow caterpillar.They showed Prototypes of Telephons that work without a Wire.Future!Later we will join the Bamboo Longe at the Takara Beautilion Pavilion for an Evenning of swell Latin Jazz.See you all Thursday.

1.Jazztronic-Festalica!! (Clap Ya Hands!!)/2.Rosalia De Souza-Zona Sul/3.Orange Pekoe-Honeysuckle/4.Dorlis feat.Quasimode-kowareru made AISHISASETE/5.Soil & 'Pimp' Sessions-Paraiso/6.Jazztronic-MEGURU (Main Theme Jyuku-cho Mix)/7.Quasimode-Ghana/8.Sunaga T Experience-A Healing Blue (Shape of Jazz to Come Version by NicolaConte)/9.Soulstance- We Go Our's Own Way/10.Paris Match-Paris Strut/11.Soul Bossa Trio-Ain't No Sunshine/12.United Future Organisation-Moondance(moon rapping)/ 13.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Pachinko/ 14.Soul Bossa Trio-Thank you



Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:Gaijin à GO GO

Day 2:After an informative but demanding Day where we looked upon Moon Rubble and Nasa Gear at U.S Pavilion.We also checked what's new in Russian Space Technology at the Soviet Pavilion,which is impressive 110 Meter high.Later that Evenning we visit the Sumitomo Fairy Tale Pavilion for a magic groovy Night with a splendid Selection of Europe's finest Lounge Artists.See you all Tomorrow.

1.Alessandro Magnanini-Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Jenny B)/2.Mondo Candido-Meglio Stasera/3.Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Nightclub '67/4.The Mike Flowers Pops-The Velvet Underground Medley/5.Count Indigo-Shopping For Love/6.Italian Secret Service-Bla Bla Bla/7.Popshoper's-Popshopping(feat.Nana Obskuri)/8.The Gentle People-Mr.Whiskey/9.Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra-Tokyo Dancer/10.Montefiori Cocktail-I Feel Love (feat.Count Indigo)/11.Alessandro Magnanini-Stay Into My Life (feat.Renata Tosi)/12.De-Phazz-Something Special/13.Clementine-Week-end/14.Corduroy-Something In My Eye/15.Rita Calypso-Birds/16.Les Soeurs Winchester-Comme Des Parisiennes/17.Rita Calypso-The Drifter/18.Karl Zero-Portofihno



Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

1 Year P.O. Birthday:An Evening in Osaka

Day 1:After our Arrival in Osaka for Expo,we're heading right Downtown.To get us in the Mood for our first visit tomorrow,we dive into lively swarm of People strolling down the Streets.Drifting along with the Soundtrack from Speakers everywhere,we loose ourselfs in the of Signs & Neonlights.See you all Tomorrow.

1.Jake H. Conception & The Sound Limited-On Any Sunday/2.Jankowski Singers-Rocking Voices/3.Count Buffalo & His Rock Band-Windy/4.Ayumi Ishida-Yuwakuteki Na Gogo/5.Tokyo Cuban Boys-Walking The Balcony/6.Keiko Mari-Tsukikaage No Rendezvous/7.Roberto Delgado & Orchestera-Grazin In The Grass/8.Syougi Yokoyama & Bossa Nova 7-Sunny/9.Houzan Yamamoto-Twenty Ten/10.Les Jeunes Etoiles-Beyer No. 91/11.Tamaki Hiroki & Jazz Friends-Tsuiseki/12.Hirota Mieko-I'm Comin' Home Baby/13.The Brothers James-I Dig A Rock'n Roll Music/14.Akira Ishikawa-It Happened On Saturday Night/15.Yukio Ohta & His Humming Birds-Villa 88/16.Miki Hirayama-Itsuka Doko Kade/17.Tadayuki Harada And His Group-Cinnamon And Clove/18.Akira Ishikawa-Yume Ga Hoshii/19.Ryoko Moriyama-Ame Agari No Samba/20.Hide & Rosanna-Midnight Bossa Nova



Willkommen,Youkoso,Bienvenu and Welcome to the Festivities to mark the first Birthday of Pachinko Overdrive.One Year Pachinko Overdrive,over 25 ooo Hits.I think this is a jolly good reason to Party Overdrive Style.Also there is another Cause to celebrate.40 Years ago this Summer the first ever "World Exposition" was held in Japan.It took place in Osaka.Back then, the terms "future" and "futuristic" still had a meaning.The World of Tomorrow seemed within reach Distant.The theme of the '70 Expo, "Progress and Harmony for Mankind" may seem funny today but the naive approach to use Technology to build a better Future to all Mankind is what's missing today.In the early 90's of the last Century Young People in their twenties,who grew up on the Images & Movies from the Space/Jet Age,start to restore a Yesterday that never was.The World of Tomorrow in yesrdays Pictures with Now Sound of Today.This Post-Modern View of the Sixties as a Quarry for Images & Sounds led to a Global Movement.A World Wide Network originated,thanks to the Internet in no Time.From Tokyo to Berlin over to London and Whashington.A new Style of Musicians & DJ created the Soundtrack for a Pan Continatal Retro Futuristic Jet Set.Pachinko Overdrive as a Home of quality Sounds sees it itself in that Tradition.To celebrate this Spirit i will post 6 Mixes in the next 7 Days.Each Mix will be conected to a certain Pavilion or an Image of the " Expo'70".Hope you will enjoy this Tribute/Birthday Week.Percy

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

Quiet Nights,Quiet Stars

35°Degrees Celsius outside.It's to darn HOT outside for a Picknick.Why not wait for the Nightfall.After the Sunset when a cool & gentle Breeze provides some relief.Let's come together at the cool Lakeside and savor the mild Eve with cool Drinks & soft Sounds for gentle People.Quiet Nights,Quiet Stars and Quiet Sounds from my Guitar.

1.Corniche Camomile-Wink Service
2.Maki Nomiya-My Bossa Nova
3.Round Table-Holiday
4.Dahlia-The Measles
5.Hideki Kaji-I love the Rain
6.Kanazu Hiroshi Feat. Kumi-G.o.a.P (Go On A Picnic)
7.Pizzicato Five-Gin-chan's Love Letter
8.Sotte Bosse-Japanese Title
9.Frenesi-Watashi no Yes Man
10.Dahlia-Hotel Margaret
13.Towa Tei-La Douce Vie
14.Yoshiè-Boas Vindas



Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Rio,Japan:Sunaga't Experience Remixes

Issue 15 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Tatsuo Sunaga started DJing career in the beginning of the Japanese club music scene. He has residencies in Tokyo and Osaka and also is quite busy djing all around Japan as well as overseas. He has released 6 titles of his mix CD series, World Standard through Flower and his so-called, lifework jazz compilation series, Sunaga Tatsuo no Yoru Jazz (Tatsuo Sunaga's Night Jazz) was and continuing to be released by 8 record companies and in total, 16 compilations are scheduled to be released through them. He has also released many domestic compilations but also compiled compilations of overseas labels such as Schema, Irma, Blue Note, Fania, etc. in Japan.
His solo unit, Sunaga t experience, has released 3 full-length albums to date.He is an important figure in the Japanese music scene and called Record Bancho (Record digging gang leader).Check out the first Part of Remixes by this Latineer Extraordinaire.Part 2 &3 in Progress.Percy

1.Kingsley/Perrey-Main Street Electrical Parade( Influence du Jazz Mix Sunaga T Expirience)
2.Jackson 5-The Love You Save (Sunaga 'T Experience's Asakusa S.C. '01 Mix)
3.Fabio Nobile-Zozoi (Sunaga t experience remix)
4.Montefiori Cocktail-On a Clear Day(Sunaga Experience Remix)
5.Pe'z-Hito Ga Yume Wo Miru To Yufu Koto(Sunaga T Expirience Remix)
6.Every Little Thing-Get Into A Groove(Sunaga 't Experience's remix)
7.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Whistle Song (Sunaga 't Experience Remix)
8.Tatsuo Sunaga-Lupin III '80 ( Sunaga t Experience 9849 Mix)
9.Puffy-Kore Ga Watashi No Ikirumichi (Sunagat Experience Remix)
10.M-Flo-Deep Within Audiomusica
11.Pizzicato Five-A Perfect World (A Night At Organ B. Mix by Sunaga T Experience)
12.Yasuko Agawa-When The World Turns Blue (Sunaga T Experience Remix)

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Holiday in the South Zone

It's Holiday Time.Pack your Bags and leave Home.Let's head for somewhere not here.Some Place where the Sun & the People are sweetest.Relaxing in the Shades while a gentle Breeze softly blows all your Trouble away.Leave all worries behind and think of all Fun you can find.Release the Drifter in you.We'll be there when Tommorow Comes.

1.United Future Organization-United Furture Airlines
2.Comoetas-Bossa Barocco
3.Sunaga 't Experience-It's you
5.Soul Bossa Trio-He Loves you
7.Kyoto Jazz Massive-Shine feat. Chris Franck & Guida de Palma
8.Pecombo-Samba de Toquio
9.Mansfield-Samba avanca
10.Orange Pekoe-Song Bird [Rework by Nicola Conte]
11.Quasimode-Rumble In The Jungle
13.Paris Match-Summer Of Electric City
14.Cornelius-Diamond Bossa

Deleted due Copyright ComplainsENJOY!!!

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Summer Madness

Hurrah!School's Out.With the closing of School's & University's during the Summer,the Holiday Season is finally here.Now that the City empties because all the People & their Kids are heading for foreign Soil,it's Time to reclaim the Parks & Streets of your Town.These 14 sampledelic Summersounds shall companion your Ways through the hot Concrete.Socialize,meet new People and enjoy the lightness of being.Viva la Felicita

1.The Avalanches-Since I Left You
2.Handsomeboy Technique-Your Blessings
3.Kidda-Feel Too Good
4.Halfby-Daddy Is High
5.DJ Hell-Copacabana
6.Sandii with The Coconut Cups-Nani Waimea - Kaua I Ka Huahua'i (It's a Man's Man's Field Tropicana Mix)
7.Lemon Jelly-Nice Weather For Ducks
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Different Colors
9.The Pinker Tones-Beyond Nostalgia
10.Mansfield-Especially For Espagnol
11.Plastilina Mosh-I've Got That Milton Pacheco Kinda' Feeling
12.Halfby-Whispering My Name
13.Bent-Beach Buggy
14.Miniflex-Peach, à St.Tropez

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

Summer Breeze From Far East

1st of July and just in time a new Guestmix arrived at the Pachinko Penthouse.
It's brought to us by the kind Pop Affinicado Kyohei.He send us this more than sunny Mix from Japan.Put on your sunglasses so these 13 sparkling Tunes don't blind you.This Compilation is the perfect companion for a sunny & friendly July.Please show Kyohei the Love & Respect he deserves.Use Sunscreen.Percy

1.Cubismo Grafico - 28 Degrees For Good Surfers
2.Johnny Dee - Hey Gentle Girl
3.Cymbals - My Patrick
4.boys & girls together - Throw My Thousand Badges
5.Snapshot - Recycle Song - The World Of Twist Mix -
6.Frenesi - Nero
7.Jetlag - Floater (Album Version)
8.Lamp - 夏に散らした小さな恋
9.Kirinji - 恋の祭典
10.advantage Lucy - smile again
11.ROUND TABLE - Get On The Bicycle!/自転車でGO!
12.Caraway - Take you away
13.Roboshop Mania - Goodbye,Summer Sun Goes Down

Deleted due Copyright Complains

P.S.Remember if you want to do a Guestmix,just let me know.Next Month your Mix can shine here.