Samstag, 26. November 2011

Shibuya Soul 7

You step outside into the dark Night.The Air is clear and fresh,you can almost smell the Snow.Flickering Neon Signs shimmer on the wet Asphalt.Through the closed Door you still can hear the warm & ingratiating Sounds of the Music.For a moment you keep completly still,feel the comfert of solitude.Free at last.The Night is yours.

1.Crazy Ken Band-Sweet Seoul Tripper
2.Asako Toki-Aozoranokakera
3.Coco D'Or-Just the two of us
4.Paris Match-The Day I Called It a Night
5.Love & Pop-Night Scene
7.Ino Hidefumi-Lascia ch'io pianga
8.Spank Happy-Norumumeito
9.K-Taro Takanami-Shall we dance?
10.Okui Kaori-Kumori nochi ame
11.Choclat & Akito-学生街の喫茶店
12.Immigrant's Bossa Band-PATO feat.Ai Ichikawa(Little Classic Remix)
13.Sana-0/1 ANGEL
14.Tomosuke-Reaching for the Stars



Samstag, 19. November 2011

The Jazz Fizz Vol.4

Part.4 of The Jazz Fizz.In this part we focus on another component of Acid Jazz,the Rare Groove.A groovy mixture of 70's Funk,Fusion,Afro Cuban Jazz and Organ driven Movie Scores.It Pays Tribute to Icons like Quincy Jones,Fred Wesley,Roy Ayers,Ray Barretto,Georgie Fame and Lalo Schifrin.The List is endless.Some of the mentioned joined the young Generation at some of their Recordings or at Live Shows.Other than the Originals,the new Bunch focuses more on the Dancefloor not so much on Free Play & Improvisation.Or as Rob Gallagher would say "Boots are made for walking,Jazz is made to dance".More in Part.5

2.Love Tambourines-Mama don't cry
3.Mother Earth-Stoned Women
4.Original Love-Judment
5.Happy Alright-Mission 65
6.Flipper's Guitar-Cool Spy on a Hot Car
7.The Brand New Heavies-Snake Hips
8.Soul Bossa Trio-Come an' get it
10.The James Taylor Quartet-The Cat
11.The Hip Joints-Lickout
12.Tokyo`s Coolest Combo-Dancing Seventeen
13.Nwetone-Sad to sever
14.Bullitt-Give it all you got

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Samstag, 12. November 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.6

For a single Day the foogy and gloomy Weather is gone.The Sun returned and invited us for a final excursion.We jump on our little red Scooter and head to leave the City torwards the Seaside.Soaking up the last warm rays of Sun while watching some occasional Boats sailing their Farewell Tour.Sweet & Still.The Sheriff will return next Spring.

1.Orangenoise Shortcut-Volumy!
2.Riddim Saunter-Sweet & Still
3.Round Table-Youngmen Blues
4.The Collector-Moon Love Child
5.Kaji Hideki-This Is Still O.K(Single SM Mix)
6.Tirolean Tape-Pictures Of Matchstick Fans
7.Spaghetti Vabune!-Race U.K.
9.Cecil-Safe Rider
10.Mocca-Lucky me
12.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Green
13.White Shoes & The Couples Company-Zamrud Khatulistiwa (Version 2010)
14.Ballads Of The Cliché-Snapshot Of Serenity



Samstag, 5. November 2011

Feels like dancing:The Akakage Remixes

Issue.19 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Yoichiro Ito aka AKAKAGE(Red Shadow)is a well known DJ,Producer and Remixer for several Artists.He released several superb Albums as AKAKAGE and also has puts out Music under other monikers such as Natural Essence,aaron.,RS-3000,titi project.His Style as AKAKAGE could be best discribed as classic Shibuya Kei.Fast Paced,Playful & Ultra Stylish.His Sound spinning through Jazz, Latin,Pop and excellent Lounge Style.Here are 14 Remixes to prove his Class.If this won't bring you on your Feet,nothing will!

1.Rub-a-Dub Market-Tick-a-Tack (Akakage's Uproar Party)
2.Seiko Matsuda-ROCK'N ROUGE('AKAKAGE'S Pure Pure ELECTRO 3000)'
3.Hiromi Go-Goldfinger '99 (Akakage's Happy Finger ★99)
4.Akakage-Theme from Lupin the 3rd 3(AKAKAGE's Happy Set)
5.Nobuyuki Ohnogi-Mappy (Latin Makes You Happy)
6.Eel-Astral Voyage(Akakage's Sweet Peaktime Samba)
7.M-Flo-Stuck in your Love(AKAKAGE's Tropical Smile)
8.Jazzida Grande-Coffee Cup(AKAKAGE's Peaktime Radio Version)
9.Koda Kumi-Crazy 4 U (Akakage's crazy love Remix)
10.Ozawa Kenji-Suyoi Kimochi-Tsuyoi ai (Akakage Remix)
11.Jazzida Grande-Highs And Lows (Akakage Kills Peaktime Floors)
12.Nobuyuki Ohnogi-Galaga (Feel Like Makin Jazz)
13.川井憲次-Dear(AKAKAGE's Hare Toki-doki Kumori Remix)
14.Every Little Thing-スイミー(Akakage's Sweetest Beach)