Samstag, 24. September 2011

Shibuya Soul 6

Take a break and bring the World to a stand still.Soak in the last rays of Summer Sun.Watch the carefree swirling City Life,the People in the Cafe's & Parks.Soon the Seasons change and this Life will vanish.Let your thoughts run free and savor this Moments as long as they last.

2.Mondo Grosso-Give me a reason
3.Paris Match-Everywhere
4.Asako Toki-Sentimental
5.Coco D'Or-La-La Means I Love You
6.Harvard-Clean & Dirty
7.Round Table-Life
8.Naoki Kenji-Aijo Ga Nakunatta (With Jazzamor)
10-Bird-Ai Ketsuidamono
11.Cosa Nostra-Be yourself
12.Monday Michiru
13.Maki Nomiya-Kibun wo dashite mouchido
14.Loop Session-Make it easy on yourself



Samstag, 17. September 2011

Kawaii International Vol.1

Last Night the Doorbell rang and as i opened the Door,a bunch of Gajin's stand right in front of me.They called themselves "Brigade Mondäne".They said they come to prove that they can party as groovy as Shibuya does.I can tell you those Guys diden't talk no Smack.When the Whirlwind of Beats & Sounds setteled down,the Guys were gone and all i found was a Card that said:See you soon!

1.Stereo de Luxe-Aerocyclette
2.Digi Onze-(El Campeon Del)Ping-Pong
3.Popcorn-Hot Stuff
4.Supermoloko Ultrabeaver & Olive-Anyway the Wind blows
5.Skeewiff-Little Spot Of Soul
6.Kretex-Boegaloe Inferno
7.Maxwell Implosion-Jet Ski
8.Ursula 1000-I`m shock you,Daddy
9.Shy-Theme from a Summer Place
10.Combustible Edison-Hot And Bothered
11.Mondo Candido-Meglio Stasera
13.Monsieur De Forsaings-(tout va bien) Sous Le Soleil Mexicain
14.Dimitri from Tokyo-Toujours L'Amore

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 10. September 2011

Pop is Sheriff Vol.4

1.Boo Bee Benz-12 One a half
2.Lyrics-Smile again
3.Scruffy!-Yume No Tochuu
5.Short Hair Front-Weekend
6.Round Table-Summer Rain
7.Folkflat & Dang Ring Bond-Ruzuday Life
8.Nona Reeves-I Heard The Sound
9.Kaji Hideki-My Blue Heaven
10.Jenka -No Way
11.Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Inverted Forest
12.Roly Poly Rag Bear-Wave of the Hand,Goodbye
13.Suitcase Rhodes-白い花びら



Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Sounds from Korea

1st of September and a new Guestmix has landed on the shores of PO.It was made by our new dear Friend Cipa.A fine young Maiden from Mexico,who loves Asian Sounds. She's a Music Traveller that is so kind to invite us onto a journey to Korea.She compiled a delicious musical selection to give us an View on the South Korean Music Scene.From the more Club oriented Sounds of Belle Epoque & Clazziquai Project to classic Pop with Broccoli,you too.These 12 Audio Treat will leave you with appetitte for more.Please show Cipa the Love & Respect she deserves.

1.Aquibird-드디어 너를 벗어나나봐
2.Belle Epoque-Vacation
3.Clazziquai Project-Fill this Night
4.Instant Romantic Floor-Luv Punch(Radio Edit)
5.Linus' Blanket-Show me Love
7.Ukulele Picnic-편지
8.Lucite Tokki-In My Tin Case
9.Broccoli,you too-이웃에 방해가 되지 않는 선에서
11.Yozoh-허니 허니 베이비
12.Hockee-주워가 줄래?



P.S.If YOU like to contribute a Guestmix and support your favourite Artists & Songs, please contact me.We will work something out.