Samstag, 22. Mai 2010


Summer is almost here,so it's Time to leave the House and head out into the Open.Pack youre Bags,get on your Bike or jump in your Motorcar and explore the wonders of the World.Invite some Friends over to a Picnic & Fun in the Sun.Feel free to get Lost.Yours Percy

2.Corniche Camomile-Chelsea Walk
3.Ballads Of The Cliché-Friend's Guide
4.Original Love-Romance Sunshine
5.Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title
7.Kaji Hideki-Here Comes the Sunny Beat!
9.Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title
10.Ballads Of The Cliché-Feel Free To Feel Lost
11.The High Rights-바보 둘의 행진
12.800 Cherries-Telephone Song
13.Mocca-What if...
14.Linus' Blanket-Labor In Vain

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Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Siam à GO-GO

Chicks on Beat NO.3.Groovy 60’s Sounds from the Land in Smile.These 14 Songs show the whole variety of Styles from Twist,Beat & Rock’n’Roll.Most recordings was done during the neighbouring Vietnam War, when American GI’s looking for kicks in Thailand, exposing Thais to western Pop being broadcasted in Hotel Bars and Radio. Elvis, Beatles and Ventures were amongst the most popular Names.The Songs are sung with seriousness while amusing themselves, but they are in fact so amusing,and make life look so easy and simple.Often comes Will before Talent.Check out the Cover of " Lady Madonna",the Band isn't able to hold a simple Melody for 1,39min. Brilliant.
That is how the Song should sound.The Singers use their song / voice / words very much like a separate Instrument, very Colourful.Hope you enjoy this little View on Thai Beat.Next Time Germany.

1.Viparat Piengsuwan-Yok Yok (Jump Jump)
2.Sodsai Chaengkij-Shake Baby Shake
3.Louise Kennedy-Poo Yai Lee
4.Sodsai Chaengkij-Lady Madonna
5.Chutima Duang Porn-Fon Tok Leaw
6.Sodsai Chaengkij-The Boat That I Row
7.Suda Chuenbarn-Funky Broadway
8.P. Promdan-Lung Dee Kee Mao (Uncle Dee is a Drunk)
9.Hong Thong Daw U-Don-Isan
10.Suda Chuenbarn-Jong Wai Korn
11.Daw Bandon-Bong Ja Bong
12.Duangdao Mondara & Chailai-The Black Super Man
13.Supaphorn-Cham Chai
14.Kampee Sangthong-Mai Na Lork Gun (Don't Deceive Me)



Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

The Sociables prefer Pop! Vol.1

Spring is in full swing,everything's in bloom even the Mixes at Pachinko Overdrive.The popular Picknick Series becomes new Branches.This new 12 piece Series is called "The Sociables prefer Pop!" and shall focus on Pop from Europe and North America.The Sociables have come to claim what originally belongs to them.Volume.1 takes a Trip to Scandinavia.Europe's High North is one of the most important places when it comes to clever Pop Music.From classic C-86 Songs of Pelle Carlberg,The Shermans & Eggstone to more danceable Tunes by Waltz for Debbie and Denmark's Best Jens Lekman.So Join in and become a Sociable yourself.

1.Acid House Kings-Sunday Morning
2.Ephemera-One Minute
3.Aerospace-Summer Days are forever
4.The Shermans-July in London
5.Suburban Kids With Biblical Names-Trumpets and Violins
6.Eggstone-She's Perfect
7.Pelle Carlberg-Clever Girls Like Clever Boys...
8.Girlfriendo-First Kiss Feeling
9.Irene-Baby I Love Your Way
10.I'm From Barcelona-This boy (feat. Loney, Dear)
11.The Sound Of Arrows-Danger!
12.Those Dancing Days-Space Hero Suits
13.Jens Lekman-You Are the Light
14.Waltz for Debbie-Once Upon A Time

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Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo

The 1st of the Month,that means not only fresh Green in the Bank but a brand new Guest Mix.This One is send to us from the from Arkansas,USA.It's created by a multi-talented Guy,that goes by the very spyish Name of Sam Houser.He runs two nice Blogs: & them out.In his spare Time he also creates Art: a Man.And still he found Time to put together this groovy wonderful Selection of Tunes.Forget these Imposters in Shanghai.This is the Expo you should visit.These 14 Audio Pavilions offer a lot to discover.Enjoy your Stay at the The Super Happy Fun Surprise Expo.Don't forget to Show some Love & Respect for Sam.If you want to see your own Mix here,contact me.Have Fun.Percy

1.Kirinji - Descendants of Icarus
2.Cubismo Grafico - Mississippi One (Tahiti 80 Remix)
3.Hideki Kaji - Made In Sweden
4.Fancy Face Groovy Name - Love is Ye-Ye (Looking for My Idol)
5.Yukari Fresh - 17.1-4
6.Fantastic Plastic Machine - I'm Burce (Dimension 5 Mega Mix)
7.HALCALI - Giri Giri Surf Rider
8.Qypthone - Mission-Banana Muffins
9.Mieko Hirota - Vacation
10.Také Rodriguez - Game of Exotica
11.Rocketman - Symphony No. 4126 "Hatoya"
12.Comoestas - Mambo Kuraneko
13.Towa Tei - Hawaiian Tabla Chapa
14.Motocompo - Dancer Of Computing