Montag, 31. August 2009


14 Cushionsoft French Pop Hits from Japan.Enjoy these Versions of Ye-Ye & Chanson Classics.Like Paris,Texas,Paris,Tokyo is a Place in the Mind.Have Fun while you visit.

2.Karia Nomoto-Mon chat noir est taquin mais il garde les secrets
3.Fumie Hosokawa-Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son
4.Michelle Flyn-Mambo Miam Miam
5.Melting Holidays-Jeux D'enfant
6.Neppu Tokyo Salon-Tam Tam
7.Paris Match-C'est la vie
8.Hedeki Kaji-Avant la Bagarre
9.Naho-Harley Davidson
10.Pizzicato Five-Concact
11.Shiina Ringo-Jazz a Go-Go
12.Oh! Penelope-Lait au Miel
13.Date of Birth-Au Revoir
14.Kahimi Karie-Tout la Jour,Toute la Nuit

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Sonntag, 30. August 2009

Kahimi Karie (2)

Tilt, also on Polydor was released in 2000 after another collaboration on the singles Journey to the Centre of Me with Momus and Once Upon a Time with OLIVIA Tremor Control. Karie released the cover album My Suitor in 2001, covering a range of obscure 70s and 80s bands including Dolly Mixture, Virginia Astley, The Lilac Time, and Berntholer. In 2003, Karie released perhaps her most fully realized work to date Trapeziste. Combining classical, ambient, jazz, and noise elements, Karie created a sound that was uniquely her own, and pushed her further away from the now confining Shibuya-kei stereotype. Montage, released in 2004, expands on the themes explored in Trapeziste. In addition to her releases, Karie has held several exhibitions of her art, penned several books, written extensively on European film and music, and created the theme song for the long-running animated television series Chibi Maruko Chan.In 2006 she releases the Björklike Album Nunki.This Lp is
more of a Soundscape.Her lates Output is is from 2007.Specialothers a Collection of
Coverversions & the DVD Muhlifein.
(Nippop)End Part 2

Giapponese a Roma(1999)





P.S As you can see,i miss Trapeziste.Assistance needed.Please help!

Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Kahimi Karie (1)

Undisputed "it-girl" during Shibuya-kei's bubbliest years, Kahimi Karie began her career as a music photographer. Tapped for a vocal performance on another album by her boyfriend at the time, Keigo Oyamada (AKA Cornelius), Karie turned in in impressive performance highlighted by her now trademark sexy yet naive singing style. Released in 1992, just over a year after her appearance on the Crue-L Records compilation Blow Up, Karie's first single, Mike Alway's Diary, was an immediate hit. Her name check of the El Records impresario and music journalist coupled with production by Oyamada landed Karie in Tokyo's hippest crowd, where she quickly rose to star status. She released her second single, Girly in mid-1994, which sold a healthy 70,000 copies - big numbers for an indie release in Japan. Karie released a string of singles over the next several years, finally releasing her first full-length, Larme de Crocodile, in 1997 on Crue-L. The album featured collaborations eccentric Scottish producer/songwriter Momus and Pizzicato Five's Yasuharu Konishi. Karie moved to Polydor for her next release, K.K.K.K.K., in 1998. Assisted again by Momus, French indie artist Philippe Katerine, and others, the album was a major hit. Earlier the same year she released a best-of collection entitled Kahimi Karie on the Minty Fresh label, and the sardonic One Thousand 20th Century Chairs on Polydor. 1999 saw the US release of K.K.K.K.K., this time on Momus's US label Le Grand Magistery.(Nippop)End Part.1

I am a Kitten(Sings for Momus in Paris)(1995)

Larme de Crocodile(1997)


Kahimi Karie(1998)

The Best Of Trattoria Years Plus More(1998)


Dienstag, 25. August 2009


Better late than never.Fall is on it's Way,but here in Percy's Basement the Summer still lingers on.14 Latin Jazz Flavored Tunes that keep the feeling of warm Winds & cool Drinks alive.Pour yourself a fancy Drink and enjoy the laid back Groove.

1.Jazpresso-No Cloud
2.Free Tempo-Claudia
3.Waltz for Jason-Hajime Yoshizawa
4.Paris Match-Bikerride
5.Monday Michiru-Hear between the Silence
6.Mondo Grosso-Somewhere not here
7.U.F.O.-Friends-we'll be
8.Quasimode-Sounds of Peace
9.Mari Natsuki-Ii janai no shiawase naraba
10.Akiko-Love Theme from"Spartacus"(Quasimode Remix)
11.Dorlis-Japanese Title
12.Pecombo-Cat Walk
13.Soul Bossa Trio-Hey,look at you
14.Tokyo's Coolest Combe-Windmills of my Mind

Download: (New Link)


Montag, 24. August 2009

Johnny Dee

JOHNNY DEE are 4 boys from Southern Japan.They play 80's Brit pop, and are greatly influenced by AZTEC CAMERA and the PALE FOUNTAINS.Their only Album,to my knowledge,"Love Complilation(10 Johnny Dee Fans can't be wrong)"is from 1994.If you like guitary and poptastic Songs this your Album.If there's more from this Band let me know.

Johnny Dee-Love Compilation(1994)

To Anne Enjoy!!!

Sonntag, 23. August 2009

I need you

I still have few Goodies in Bag.But you People don't Comment,so i don't know if there is any need for that.Is There?There are a few releases by P.5 that i miss.If any of you can help me to fill the Gapes feel free.Heres my miss List:
Pizzicato Free Soul 2001,Expo 2001,I Love you Pizzicato Five,A Perfect World EP,Voyage á Tokyo EP,Darlin' of Discothèque EP,A Message Song EP,A Quiet Couple,A Television's Workshop E.P..Please help me!Any Whishes or Requests for other Discographys,Posts etc.
drop me a Line.A tanks won't hurt either.Greetz Percy

Pizzicato Five (4)

Darlin' Of Discotheque(1997-2001)
In 1997 P.5 change their Record Label again.Konishi-san becomes the Creative Mastermind behind the Colombia Records,Sublabel Readymade.Readymade Records & Escalator are the new Matchmakers of the ever increasing Shibuya-kei Scene."Happy End of the World" is their first Album for the Label.The usual Remix Album"Happy End for You"follows.After another best of Album,"The International Playboy & Playgirl Record" was releasd in '98.
1999 sees a series of E.P.s that later become "Pizzicato Five TM" also known as "The Fifth Released From Matador".Opening a Store,publishing a Magazine and varity of other Products Pizzicato Five make even Andy Warhol blush.Maki goes Solo with her 2nd LP "Miss Maki Noyima sings".Producing,Remixing & DJing Takes it's Time.After nearly a Year Off,Pizzicato Five return with their Sgt.Pepper(Konishi's own Words)."Çà et là du Japon" is the first Album with forgein Artists as Arling & Cameron,B.Burgulat and the Sparks.Shortly after the release P.5 anounce their split.Konishi said that he sees nothing more to achive with the Band.After a Farewell Tour with lots of old Members & Friends,a few more Best of and Compilations,Tokyo's Coolest Combo was no more.The END?
Thank to Kenchi's J-Box and all the other Sites which help me get this Bio together.

Happy End of the World(1997)

Happy End for you(1997)

The International Playboy & Playgirl Record(1998)

Nonstop To Tokyo E.p.(1999)

The Fifth Released From Matador(2000)

Çà et là du Japon(2001)


Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

A Picknick in the Green

Finally it's Summer in Capital City.Take your favourite One and head into a sunny Weekend.Here are 14 Guitar Pop Hits for your Pleasure.

1.Tokyo's No.1 Soul Set-Japanese Title
2.800 Cherries-B.B.V.U.
3.Cubismo Grafico Five-She Brought the Sun
4.Cymbals-Do you believe in Magic?
5.Round Table-Chocolate
6.Kaji Hideki-Weekenders
7.Flipper's Guitar-Camers!Camera!Camera!
8.Bridge-Soft Cream Whistle
9.Advantage Lucy-Smile Again
10.Johnny Dee-Day in Waterloo
11.Kaji Hideki-Sweetest Love
12.Chocolate-Japanese Title
13.Advantage Lucy-Is this Love
14.Melting Holidays-Holiday in a Totebag



Dienstag, 18. August 2009

********* Sound Repair Shop:The Konishi Remixes

Another Percy's Basmentmade Compilations.This Time the Remix Work of Konishi-san.Besides the usual Suspects Maki Noyima,M-Flo and F.P.M.,this Compilation features Artists as Photographer & Advertising Guru Charles Wilp,Berlin's Bananarama Pop Tarts &
Italien Lounge Heros Montefiori Cocktail.So grap your Dancing Shoes and have a gay 'ol Time.

1.Dimitri from Paris-Sacre Francais(Readymade Charm Fool Mix)
2.Pinker Tones-One of them ( Readymade Jazz Exercise Mix)
3.Konishi Yasuharu-Lupin the 3rd part III (Readymade OH! OH! Mix)
4.Charles Wilp-Bunny (JBL Mix)
5.Maki Noyima-Fiorella with Umbrella(Readymade 524 Mix)
6.Domino'88-GO GO Club (Readymade Super 524 Mix)
7.Pop Tarts-Steffie's Love Song(Readymade Peep Edit)
8.Fantastic Plastic Machine-I love FPM (JBL MIx)
9.Jackson 5-I want you back(Readymade 524 Mix)
10.Max Meier Maletz-Swinging Nordwest(Readymade Shoe repair Mix)
11.Supremes-You can't hurry love(Readymade Re-Edit)
12.Montefiori Cocktail-La Segrtaria (Readymade 524 Mix)
13.M-FLO-One Sugar Dream(Readymade Potpourri of Beats Mix)
14.Telex-Twist a Saint Tropez(Konishi Yasuharu Mix)

Deleted due Copyright Complains

P.S. A Thanks won't hurt.

Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Cubismo Grafico (2)

The new Millenium sees musical change.As Gakuji Matsuda composes the highly aclaimed Soundtrack for the Movie "Waterboys".Cubismo Grafico splits itself.One Part is still
the solo Project but in a more electronic way.The Other is Cubismo Grafico Five.A Group planned for Live Performances.The next release "Block Vocoder Diagram" shows the change with less samples,yet more playful sophisticated.Like Towa Tei,or Cornelius, Matsuda developes a new hybrid houselike Clubsound.2007 "Nuit" is the last release for
Cubismo Grafico so far.Matsuda's latest Project besides CB 5 is Frontier Backyard.Don't know much about them.Do You? Let me Know.I Miss Cubismo Grafico.

Block Vocoder Diagram(2003)

Foga (2004)

Nuit (2007)

P.S. I'm still lookind for "Mini" "Carribbean Ensemble" "Buonissimo Remixes" .Can you help? Please !!

Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Pizzicato Five (3)

Introducing Tokyo's Coolest Combo to the World(1994-1996)
1994 the Year of the Global Hype.While signing to the US label Matador and the release of "Made in USA" ,a Compilation of old Hits,Takanami leaves the Group.Shrink to a Duo
Konishi & Maki went on a Tour through Europe and the States.Back in Japan and under the Influence of the Tour impressions they record "Overdose".The Video and the Single"Twiggy Twiggy" create a big Hype in the Lounge & Neo-Easy Listening Scene.With such a Buzz around the World they present a couple Compilations as"Antique 96" &" The Soud of Music by".In '95 another Album "Romantique 96" sees the Light of the Dancefloor.Konishi travels the World with his famous DJ-Sets.Back Home Maki works on her Status as a Fashion Icon with Fashion Campains and Commercials.Pizzicato Five is now a world wide Trademark and Shibuya-kei hits the Globe.End of PART 3.

Made in USA (1994)


Antique 96 (1995)

The Sound of Music by (1995)

Romantique 96 (1995)

Sister Freedom Tapes (1996)(mp4)

Combinaison Spaciale EP: Pizzicato Five In Dub (1996)(mp4)

Great White Wonder: Rare Masters 1990-1996 (1996)


Montag, 10. August 2009

Pizzicato Five (2)

A New Beginning(1990-1994)
In early 1990 Takao Tajima leaves the Band,to focus on his own Group "Original Love".He is replaced later this Year by Maki Noyima.She becomes the new Voice & Face of P5.With a new Label Nippon Columbia/ Triad,they beginn to recreate their Style.Under the Influence of the new Sampling Technique,Konishi change the Music from Lounge to more danceable eclectic Clubpop.1991 sees a big Campain called 5x5 with 5 Releases in 5 Month Time.Starting with the TV Soundtrack "Hi Guys!Let me teach you",3 E.P.'s and the Album "This Year's Girl.Followed by a Live Tour.With Songs for TV Series and Commercials,2 Records"Sweet Pzzicato Five" & Bossa Nova 2001" more Singels,E.P.'s,a Video Collection in the next Year,P5 find themselfes on the Peek of their Sucess in Japan.In the end of 1994 P5 start to Conquer the Rest of the World.END of Part2

Hi Guys!Let me teach you(1991)

London-Paris-Tokyo e.p.(1991)

This Year's Model e.p.(1991)

This Year's Girl(1991)

Sweet Pizzicato Five (1992)

Instant Replay(Live Album)(1993)

Bossa Nova 2001(1993)

Samstag, 8. August 2009

Pizzicato Five (1)

The Early Years(1984-90)
The Band was founded in 1984 by Konishi Yasuhara,Takanami Keitarō,Kamomiya Ryo,Sasaki Mamiko and Miyata Shigeo,who left the Band shortly after.In '85 they released their 1st Single"Audrey Hepburn Complex".No big Hit but CBS Sony signed them.After another 12" and an E.P."Pizzicatomania" their first Album"Couples" saw the light in 1987.The Album wasen't a commercial Sucess.Under the pressure of Record Company they started to look for a new Singer.Miyata and Sasaki left the Band.A new Singer was found in Tajima Takao.1988 the 2nd Album" Bellissima" was released.The next two Albums "On her Majesty Request" in 1989 & "Soft Landing on the Moon" in 1990 had no big Success.END of Part.1


Couples (1987)

Bellissima! (1988)

On her Majesty's Request(1989)

Soft Landing on the Moon(1990)

Dienstag, 4. August 2009

Cubismo Grafico (1)

Cubismo Grafico is Gakuji Matsuda: DJ, remixer, and musician, born Feb. 12 1970.He lives in Tokyo and is one of the top male J-pop artists around today, along with Pizzacato Five's Konishi Yasuharu, Mansfield's Masanori Ikeda, and Losfeld's Masashi Naka.They can be called" Second wave",except for Konishi-san.He is close related to the Escalator Label,were is Part of Label own DJ Team.Another Project is the famous Twee/Shoegaze Duo"Neil & Iraiza".As Cubismo Grafico he released several Albums between 1999-2007.In 2004 he also formed the Band based Cubismo Grafico Five.Which released 4 Albums to date.I will post a few later.


Untitled..but one Wish(Japan Version)(2002)

St.Nicolas Single(2000)
Download: (New Link)

Montag, 3. August 2009

3 Maki Noyima Albums

Maki Nomiya is best known as vocalist for Pizzicato Five in the 90s, but her career as a vocalist stretches considerably further back. Nomiya released her first album, Pink no Kokoro, in 1981. The album saw limited success, and luckily for future fans, Nomiya's career as cookie-cutter Japanese idol was over soon after it started. In the late 80s, Nomiya joined new wave act Portable Rock. The band released two albums and several singles to some critical acclaim but limited commercial success before disbanding. Nomiya auditioned for Yasuharu Konishi's Pizzicato Five in 1991, one of the most high profile and successful acts in the booming Shibuya-kei genre, winning the slot as the third and ultimately most successful vocalist. Nomiya bloomed in Pizzicato Five, embracing and embellishing their unique synthesis of retro chic and cutting edge music, and making the band a favorite both in cool-conscious Japan and abroad, where they signed with indie stalwart Matador Records. Pizzicato Five disbanded in 2001, by which time Nomiya was a full-fledged celebrity and cultural icon, also gigging as model, designer, writer, and narrator in addition to her music. Nomiya released her first solo album, Miss Maki Nomiya Sings in 2000, while P5 was still active, following up with Lady Miss Warp in late 2002. Nomiya has also authored and been the subject of several books, mostly promoting her personal style and colorful history. In March 2004, she launched an original clothing line - Mini She by Maki Nomiya - and later the same year guested on m-flo's Astromantic along with the Crazy Ken Band. Summer 2004 saw the release of her third full-length, Dress Code, a concept album revolving around the theme of a Maki Nomiya dinner show, released in tandem with a book of the same name. In addition to performing and recording as a solo artist, Nomiya and former P5 chorus singer Rieko Teramoto perform as the kitschily entertaining Oui Oui. Although working at a slighly lower level of visibility than she enjoyed with Pizzicato Five, Nomiya continues to be a unique and innovative presence in the music and fashion worlds.(Nippop)

Pink no Kokoro(1981)
Check out the original Version of"Twiggy Twiggy"

Miss Maki Noyima sings(2000)

Lady Miss Warp(2002)

Still looking for"Dress Code" and "Party People".Can you help? Please!!!

Samstag, 1. August 2009

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular Vol.1

1.Losfeld-2000 Records
2.Pizzicato Five-Roma
3.Comoestas-Bossa 747
4.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Si'l vous plait
5.Qypthone-Happiest Street in the World
6.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Please,stop!
7.Cubismo Grafico-Jet Set Ride
8.Yann Tomita-Love
9.The Hair-1,2,3..Barbie Dolls
10.Pizzicato Five-Lesson 3003(part 1)
11.Fantastic Plastic Machine-I've forgotten my Fagotto
13.Y.Sunahara-2300 Hawaii
Blow your Headphones!ENJOY