Samstag, 24. März 2012

Destination:Tokyo 4

Welcome on Board of Flight 008 of Pachinko Air.We're happy that you choose PA to elope you to the hottest Spots around the Globe.Once again our Destination is Tokyo. Another excursion into the fast paced,glittering City Life of this Metrpolis.We are proud that we were again able to gather some of japan's finest Jazz Artists to take care of your well being during this Trip.Enjoy your Flight and thanks for traveling with Pachinko Air.

1.Flat Three-Sesso Brillante feat.Misa Sugiyama
2.Indigo Jam Unit-Switch
4.Sunaga T Experience-And It All Goes Round And Round
5.Quasimode-Percussion Revolver
6.Immigrant's Bossa Band-Soul 4 Bossa
8.Bastante-Me Deixa Em Paz
9.Jazzida Grande-Release The Light feat.Monday Michiru
10.Orange Pekoe-Joyful World
11.Yukihiro Fukutomi-Love Is To Blame feat.Isabelle Antena & Ernesto
12.Jafrosax-Froat In Afternoon
13.Miho Karasawa-Affection (Tom & Joyce Remix)

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 17. März 2012

Kawaii Vol.6

All dressed up with no place to go?Not me!Outside waits a Playground,full of Sights & Sounds,that calls me out to play.The Streets and People bathed in Neon Light and with every step deeper into the Night,i loose touch to Reality.A kind lightness flows through my Body and clears my Mind.I can feel the Groove running in my Veins, it takes over Control.I start floating into the Night.

1.Mansfield-Car Club '69 (Featuring Yokoyama Ken)
3.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Electric Lady Land (Japanese Version)
4.Miniflex-For a lovely bust line
5.Yukari Fresh-Vogue Sadi
6.Finger 5-koi no Dial 6700(Readymade 0524-6700 Mix)
7.Marlon Sea-Disco Del Mar
9.Halfby-Man & Air
10.Comoestas-Tokyo Conga
11.Konishi Yasuharu-The Spellbinder
12.Mari Natsuki-La Marie du Port
13.Sunaga T Experience-Theme from "THE RECORD BUNCH"
14.Manabu Iwamura-In Citta Di India Con Elefante



Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Girl's Party

1st of March and we continue our Series of First Class Guestmixes.Our good but very shy Friend Kaku send us one of his splendid Compilations.Sadly he diden't send much Information with it.So you have to trust my Word.This very varied Mix stants under the Theme of Japanese Girl Idol Pop after Shibuya-kei.Who's Spirit you can still hear throughout the 18 Songs but hear for your own.Please show Kaku the Love & Respect that his Work deserves by Commenting.

01.Dear Mr.Socrates / Twinkelstars(sakura gakuen baton club)
02.tameiki,ocarina,hora neko ga warau / Tomato'n Pine
03.kuchizuke kibonnu / denpagumi inc.
04.kare no kei-tora ni notte / ringo musume.
05.sweet doughnut (Version Yukiho) / yukiho hagiwara as azumi asakura
06.koi-iro puzzle / yui ogura
07.taiyou to ekubo / kanako momota(member of momoiro clover z)
08.yume ga kanau youni / yuko ogura
09.raibow forecast / shoko nakagawa
10.Easy Rider (Groove That Soul mix) / kyoko fukada
11.Girl's Party -my friend Jenny- / SUPER™GiRLS
12.kokoro no tamago / Buono! happy days / yuka konan
14.tantei™rhapsody / afilia saga east
15.puppy love!! / yuikaori
16.precog / eri mizutani as kana hanazawa
17.koi no saison / fruits
18.100 MAGIC WORDS / sayuri anzu