Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Go Girl Go

This is the 2nd Guestmix.It's made by Heather.A fine Maiden with a preference for Beatmusic & Yè-Yè Girls from around the World.The 12 Song Compilation gathered Gems by Artists like Ayumi Ishida who recorded at least 23 singles in Japan during 1964-1967,american born Amy Jackson,Actress Jun Mayuzumi & Aki Izumi who later become a famous Ralley Driver.Go Girl Go is the start of a new Series called "Chicks on Beat" that is dedicated to Yè-Y'e Girls from around the Globe.From Germany,Italy,Great Britain of course France to Thailand.So enjoy this Kickstart and show Heather some Love for her Effort.

1.Ayumi Ishida-The sun is crying
2.Amy Jackson-GoGo Tears
3.Eiko Akari-Ye Ye
4.Rumi Koyama-Wandering Guitar
5.Hirayama Miki-Yokohama Beautiful
6.Jun Mayuzumi-Black Room
7.Sayuri Yoshinaga School Mates-Joy of Love
8.Nakao Mie-They talked
9.The Rubizu Reiko Ohara-Baby Peacock
10.Miki Obata-Seaside Love &
11.Izumi Aki-Please love like Mary
12.Kanai Katsuko-Girls Minis



Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

Welcome to the Cirus:The P.5 B-Sides

Welcome to the greatest Show in Audio.This is a Basementmade Compilation of B-Sides by Pizzicato Five.As usual all Killers,no Fillers.New Arrangements,different Mixes.You know the wonders never end in the P.5 World.

1.Welcome To The Circus
2.La Guerre Est Finie (Single Version)
3.Someone's In Love With Someone
4.Gin-chan's Love Letter
5.Fortune Cookie
6.Flying Science Class
7.Face B
8.A New Song
9.Les Grands Vacances
10.Love's Theme (Single Version)
11.The International Playboy & Playgirl Beats
12.Un Carnet de Bal
13.Ma Vie, L'Ete De Vie


P.S.If you want an Intrumental Compilation let me know.

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

For Lovers

In this Time of Year,when to World ouside is cold,dark & unfriendly,it's best to spend the Evenings as a Couple.Enjoy good Food,tasty Wine and some tender dancing while you listening to these 12 tempting jazzy Tunes.Lover Unite.

1.Akiko-Prelude to a Kiss
2.Dorlis-Handle De Kiss..
3.Dorlis-Ryuusei No Time Capsule (Live With Happy Swing Orchestra)
4.Kahimi Karie-The Look of Love
5.Orange Pekoe-Graceful Rain
6.Paris Match-The Time After Sunrise
7.Paris Match-Time Shade
9.Pizzicato Five-All About the Married Life
10.ROUND TABLE feat.Nino-Summer waiting
11.Tokyo's Coolest Combo-It'Too Late
12.Yuzo Hayashi & Salon '68-Sight by the pool

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

Mind like a Playground:Halfby Remixes

Issue 12 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Halfby is the solo project of Kyoto resident Artist, Takahiro Takahashi.Basically, He's a DJ and is always busy with his Dj tour in Japan.Halfby made his debut in 2002.The first mini album "Half Works" was a huge hit.He made the Soundtrack to the Movie "Summertime Machine Blues" together Strauss (Tatsuki Hashimoto).He did remixes for Japanese Artists the likes of Cubismo Grafico, M-Flo, Doping Panda and Halcali.
His latest Album"Side Farmer" is one the best Records that came out of Japan in the last Year's.Check his Videos too they're funny as Hell.Enjoy these 12 Remixes that swing between a Children's Birthday that slipes out of Hand & the will for a great Pop Tune.Let's Play.

2.Melody-See You(Mel funk Remix)
3.Ayuse Kozue-Eyes to eyes (Pretty good halfby remix)
4.Diana Ross & The Supremes-Baby Love (Halfby More Shambles Remix)
5.M-Flo-Cosmic Night Run (HALF & HALFBY Remix)
6.Rondo Brothers-Take Me Back (Halfby Of The New School Mix)
7.Olympic Lifts-I am cursed (Halfby remix)
9.Q;indivi-ComeBAby (this is the HALFBY REMIX)
10.HALCALI-Giri Giri Surfrider[HALF RIDER remix]
11.Ken Hirai-By(e) My Melody(HALFBY's music for momo REMIX)
12.Doping Panda-Candy House (Remixed By Halfby)



Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Let'take a Ride

Ladies & Gentleman,kickstart your Hayabusa 1300 and take a Ride around Shibuya.Meet some old Friends and maybe make some new along the Way.Enjoy your funky,glitzy,
groovy,highspeed Soundtrack for a different kind of Sightseeing Tour.Let's Ride

1.Montparnasse-Mini Mini Mary
2.Halfby-5000$ Dance
3.Pizzicato Five-à Tokyo
4.Mansfield-Atelier 507
5.Sunaga 't Experience-C'est vous sur le pont
6.Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka-Katamari on the Rock(Main Theme)
7.Qyptone-You'll Be More Than A Friend
8.Melting Holidays-Pavement
9.Capsule-Tokyo Kissa
10.Takako Minekawa-Etoufee
11.5th Garden-Baby Elephant Boogallo
12.Yukari Fresh-Paul Scholes (Tomorrow's World)



Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010


This is the 1st none Asian Compliation and it can only belong to the infamous Bungalow Records.Founded by a Bunch of Disco Hooligans in Berlin.The Label became Home to a variaty of Bands like Combustible Edison,Stereo Total,Pop Tarts & Fantastic Plastic Machine.They also had a big influence on spreading Shibuya-Kei across the World with their Sushi Compilations.With their Label own DJ Team"Le Hammond Inferno" they toured around the World to scout Talent everywhere.The biggest Effort of the Label was ability to unite Artists with different Backround on the common ground of the Dancefloor.The Bungalow was abandoned in 2006 and still is until today.These 14 Songs shall pay tribute to one the most creative and inovative Labels of their Time.
to be continuied...

1.Stereo Total-Amour Spacial
2.Siriusmo-Meine Welt
3.Commercial Breakup-All is green
4.Kulturni Program-Easy Driving
5.Olympic Lifts-Horizontally vertical
6.Dauerfisch-Whole Lotta Weasel
7.Geezers Of Nazareth-Sunglasses
8.Le Hammond Inferno-People Pop
9.Maxwell Implosion-Moonboots
10.Spring-Be my Star
12.Laila France-The Pink Song
13.Stereo De Luxe-Jane
14.The Experimental Pop Band-Forty Greatest Hits

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Montag, 4. Januar 2010

Sweet V.A.C.A,T.I.O.N.

Here he is the 1st Guestmix.It's made by Anne.She is a nice,polite,funny & knowing Person so show the love and Respect she deserves.In Time where Snow and bitter cold Tempretures keep the World in it's cruel Grip this 12 Song Compilation opens a Door to a World of Sunshine,Smiles and good Intentions.Uplifting Guitar Pop at its Best.
Percy says:This a splended Mix becuse it can lighten up your Day.It sure worked for me.Please Comment and let Anne & me know what you Think.

01. The Caraway - My Love Affair
02. Shinji Kuno - Can You Hear My Music?
03. kuchiroro - nagisa no Cinderella
04. Refely - Sleepy Fanfare
05. Serani Poji - Where is Smiley
06. Orangenoise Shortcut - Number 5
07. HARCO - kimi no kame ni furetai
08. gentouki - Saraba!
09. Coralie - Oneday, Newday
10. Naoki Maezono - teishou koushou
11. one note - one year
12. ANA - Flash



The Change is here

A New Decade has broken and new times brings Change.As i mentionend before,i'm not so happy with the Comment Situation but it's getting better.I talked with a few People about the whole Thing and they all said that i should continue,what I will.But that i also should stop limiting myself by sticking to just one Country.They were right,what brings us to Change 1.

Open up to the World
I consider myself as a part of The Loud Minority and as such i'm concerned with Change.That means that i will post Mixes from Time to Time that are not from Japanese or Asian Artists.My Opinion as a Popculture Otaku is that everything is related and nothing happens without Impact.Shibuya-kei is a good Example.It's Impact on the Rest of the World can be felt till today.Brothers & Sisters in Attitiude and Style can be found Worldwide.I want to set them in Contrast & Context with the Asian Artists.Don't worry the main Focus will still be Japan.

Invite the World
You look at yourself as part of the Loud Minority?This your Chance.I want to invite all of you to become part of Pachinko Overdrive.You think you can do a Mixtape that suits this Blog?Get in touch with me.I'm curious how your musical View on Japan is.So run through your CD's & Harddrives and show what you got!Percy

United Future Organization-Loud Minority: