Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Hit the Bongo:The Comoesta Yaegashi Remixes

Issue.20 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.It took some Time but now we can take a look at the Remix Work of Comoesta Yaegashi.In the early 1990s,he formed the Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys who became an important part of the emerging Shibuya-kei Scene.After their split,he founded 5th Garden.He became part of Konishi's Readymade Label for which he released & compiled several Records.He joined Konshi & Masanori Ikeda for their European DJ Tour.After the End of the Shibuya-kei Hype,Yaegashi teams up with pianist Mari Fukuhara to form Since to create a more natural sound.He did the Soundtrack for "Body Asphalt" together with Jet Lopez.He also started to write Column's about Modern Architecture and Design.In 2008 Paradise Yamamoto,DJ Comoesta and Gonzalez Suzuki reunited to release some new Mambo Boys Material,he also works with Yamamoto as Mambo Unit.Latley he released a 7" with a Cover Version of Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator called "Dentaku".I hope you enjoy this little Collection of Percussion driven Remixes by this true Latineer.

2.5th Garden-Latin Hippies (Geba Geba Mix)
3.Puffy AmiYumi-Aoi Ringo(Boogaloo 2003 Mix)
4.Sandii with The Coconut Cups-WatashiComoestas Mix)
5.Pizzicato Five-Darlin' of the Discotechque(Comestas Remix)
6.Mieko Hirota-Kodomo Janai(yè yè mix)
7.J.S. Bach-Fuga In G Minor Bwv 578(Let's Go! Bach mix)
8.M-Flo ft.Boy-Ken & Black Bottom Brass Band-Uchuu No Woah Woah (Comoesta's Mix)
9.Comoesta Yaegashi-Exotica Jazz Tracks
10.Frédéric Chopin-Valse Op. 64-1 "Petit Chien"(Bossa dog mix)
12.Since-Grand Hotel(Grand Mix)

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Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Astro Sounds:The In Sound From Way Out!

This Weeks Post is a little Tribute to 2 of my favourite Bands,Stereolab and The High Llamas.Two influencial Groups that sometimes seem to merge into one.I selected 14 Comrades in Sound from Argentina to Japan.Bands that also try to amalgamate the strange Sounds of early Electronics,the metronomic Beats of Kraut Rock and the perfect Harmonies of 60's Pop Music to a Soundtrack for a Future that never happend. Echos of Jean Jaques Perrey,Raymond Scott & Dick Hyman meet the flawless Harmonies of The Beach Boys,The Free Design,Esquivel & Burt Bacharach,all stired up with some motorik technique of 1970s Krautrock groups such as Neu! and Faust.Space Age Bachelor Pad Music indeed.I hope you enjoy this little Audio Postcard from Outer Space and remember "Everybody's Weird Except Me".

1.Le Futur Pompiste-Girls of those Days
2.DOB-La Lu La Roo
3.Spring-Pinky Poo
4.Sonicberry Favour-Freestyle Composition
5.Laetitia Sadier-By the Sea
6.Komeda-Rocket Plane (Music On The Moon)
7.Electronice-Banana Boat Beach
8.Modular-Perdidos en el Espacio
9.The Free Design-Harvey Daley Hix(Stereolab & the High Llamas Re-Edit)
10.Pram-Running Shoes
11.Hiroshi Kanazu-Why Do I Do So?
12.Tomorrow's World-Leslie Phillips In Santiago
13.Cubismo Grafico-Apres Plure
14.People like us-Swinglargo

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Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

The Soul Fizz Vol.2

Here it is the long awaited 2nd Part of The Soul Fizz.It took quite some Time but it was worth waiting.Another 14 silky smooth Songs from the Acid Jazz Vault.Artists from Scandinavia like Celestine and Magnum Coltrane Price,Isabelle Antenna from France,The Brand New Heavies & the "Side Grinder" Ronny Jordan plus a lot more groovy People create a perfect Soundtrack for your Evenning out. Enjoy this super relaxed,soulful Cocktail we call "The Soul Fizz".To be continued...

1.Celestine-Movin' on
2.Isabelle Antena-Sofa
3.Talbot & White-Say You'll Never Leave Me
4.Ronny Jordan-Show me (Your Love)
5.Xan-Whatcha gonna do
6.Mother Earth-We're a Winner
7.Quiet Boys-Always Be the One
8.The Brand New Heavies-Got to give
9.The Solsonics-Daddy Love
10.Incognito-Inside Life
12.Magnum Coltrane Price-When Love begins
13.Swing Out Sister-Notgonnachange
14.Jessica Lauren-Couldn't Take The Missing You



Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

Kawaii International Vol.2

"We're back",that was all the Card said but i knew that this can only mean one Thing,The Brigade Mondäne returned as promised.I diden't knew where to find them but the Beats led me the Way.When i arrive the Party was in Full Swing and dived right into it.When the Mornig dawned they were gone and i joyfully knew that they will return soon.

1.Le Hammond Inferno-An Apple A Day
2.La Yellow 357-Quelle Sensation Bizzare
3.Crippled Groove Orchestra-Everybody DAM DAM
4.Maxwell Implosion-Psychochutney
5.The Ray Makers-Tender`n`Tasty
6.Stereo De Luxe-Fandangled
7.The Easy Sisters-Easyness
8.Ciabatta & Paletta-Amor Amor
9.Coconut Monkeyrocket-Theme
10.DJ Rodriguez-Dolce Marimba
11.Ursula 1000-Riviera Rendevous
12.Reminiscence Quartet-Jazz Thing
13.Bertrand Burgalat-Kim
14.Dimitri from Paris-Souvenirs De Paris

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