Samstag, 21. April 2012

Pop is Sheriff Vol.7

Spring has returned at last.We overhault and fueled our little Red Scooter and now we're ready for new Adventures.The World awaites us to discover,enjoy & embrace all the Bliss she has prepaired for us.Sound the Winds and flash the Chimes,the Sheriff is back in Town.

1.Roboshop Mania-Smile & Shine
2.Hideki Kaji-Lollipop Candy
3.Trans Alphabet-We Can Fly Together
5.Instant Cytron-(Make Me Your) Special Girlfriend
6.Outerhope-Anna Gabrielle
7.Cinnamon Toast Crunch-Slightly Funny
8.Broccoli,You too- 속좁은 여학생
10.The Marshmallow Kisses-CIAO!Baby
11.Spring Boutique-So twee
12.Dream Carousel-No Matter What
13.Salad-Hare No Basu Tei
14.Haydon-Good Friends

Deleted due Copyright Complains


Samstag, 14. April 2012

The Temporary Club 001

Today sees the Launch of a new Series that goes by the Name of The Temporary Club. This new Line of Mixes will focus on Soul Music in all it's Facets.Music that stands in the Tradition of Motown,Stax,Atlantic,Decca,etc..This Series is only made for one Purpose:To make you Dance,Dance,Dance.Mighty Hornes,hard hitting Drums and funky Organs combined with the most soulful Voices around.The Styles range from Retro Soul & 60's Beat to Funk and a little Ska.Every 5th Part will be a Classic Soul Mix.We hope that you will join the United Colors of Soul because they're here to stay.

1.SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS-Movin' feat. Maia Hirasawa
2.Andy Lewis- Are You Trying To Be Lonely? feat.Paul Weller
3.Frank Popp Ensemble- This World Is Not Made For Me
4.Laura Vane & The Vipertones.Did it anyways
5.Ben from Corduroy- Got to get you into my life
6. The Bamboos-Now That you Are Mine feat. Kylie Auldist
7. Shawn Lee-Soul in the Hole
8. Al Supersonic & The Teenagers-Only one Life
9.Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators-If this ain't Love
10.Nicola Conte-Love & Revolution
11. Quincy Jones-It's My Party feat. Amy Winehouse
12. Alice Russel-Two Steps
13.Al Supersonic & The Teenagers-It must be Love
14.The Sweet Vandals-Till i found you



Samstag, 7. April 2012

KABOOM!:The Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remixes

Issue.21 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box are a Studio Laboratory manned by the musical Duo Hayashibe Tomonori(keys, programming, etc.) and Wakiya Takeshi(guitar, bass, etc.),who first teamed up in 1997. They create a mixture of Pop,Lounge,Hip-hop,Bigbeat,Electro and Jazz in odd combinations that usually flies by at high speeds.After releasing their first Album in 2000,the Band fastly became Representatives for the emerging Picopop or Neo-Shibuya kei Scene. Their debut Album Fakevox was a quite Hit in Europe and Songs were used in Comercials for Coca Cola & Powerade.In Japan Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Skills & Styles were very demanded by fellow Picopop Artists such as Petset,Sonic Coaster Pop & Strawberry Machine to remix their Songs.In 2004 they released their second Album Cartoom! which was even more succesful.Their Track "Jellyfish Song By The Jellyfish Band" became part of the Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack.For unknown reason Plus-Tech Squeeze Box disappered from Scene but their Songs appeared in Video Games such as Pop'n Music and Dance Dance Revolution Universe.In 2010 Hayashibe Tomonori, together with Maeda Ryōma released an Album under the Name Tropico Q.

1.Valvola & Dj Spectra-Spray Plastic Muzik(Plus-Tech Squezze Box Mix)
2.Capsule-キャンディーキューティー (no----Nashville mix)
3. ハヤシベトモノリ-わーずわーずの魔法(easter egg mix)
4.Since-Step In Paris (the Duke is jesting! Mix)
5. Optiganally Yours-Mr. Wilson (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Mix)
6. Sonic Coaster Pop-SOCOPOGOGO (go go EGG Mix)
7. Petset-Friday Ferris Wheel (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box REMIX)
8. Oh No Ono-The Shock Of The Real (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
9.Naivepop or Petifool-Bicycle Race(Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
10. Strawberry Machine-Okashina suiyoubi (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box remix)
11. Panda 1/2-中華街ウキウキ通り (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
12. Misswonda- Blue, Blue In The World (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box REMIX)



Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Digital Love 2

This is no April Fool's trick,our true Friend Anne was so kind to create a follow up to her highly popular first Digital Love Mix.She searched through her Vault and collected another 15 Techno-Kayo Gems.This installment draws heavily from the composition talents of Techno Pop Titan Haruomi Hosono.The Jack of all Trades is involved either as a Composer for Kirara and Ulala, Akina Nakamori, Chiemi Manabe, Miki Fujimori, Imo-kin Trio, Shoujotai, and Masami Yasuda or lends his Bass playing and Vocal Skills to Hiromi GO & Snakemen Show.Apart from the Hosono related Tracks, this Collection features Bands like Maki Nomiya's pre-Pizzicato Five outfit Portable Rock and Halmens.Halmens Frontman,the Dentist turned Singer Kenzo Saeki later became a popular Song Writer for Nomiya Maki,Togawa Jun and Pop Idol Koizumi Kyoko.He is also very popular in France for his unique interpretations of the Works of Serge Gainsbourg and Michel Polnareff.If you liked the first Digital Love,you will love the second one.Please show Anne your kudos for this wonderful Collection and maybe she'll create another one.

1. Yuko Sakai - Computer Obaa-chan
2. Kirara and Ulala - Tuxedo Moon de yuushokuo
3. Akina Nakamori - 100c Vacances
4. Chiemi Manabe - aoi kaki
5. Hiromi Go - mainichi boku o aishite
6. Halmens - Rhythm Undou
7. Miki Fujimori - France eiga
8. Portable Rock - Green Books
9. imo-kin Trio - Teenage Eagles
10. Snakeman Show - sakisaka no momonai no gokigen ikaga 1 2 3
11. Haruomi Hosono - Body Snatchers
12. Shoujotai - Siam Paradise
13. Children - Kaeru
14. Masami Yasuda - gin-iro no Harmonica
15. Flat Face - MBA