Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Under Siege

Ahoi Friends,Followers & random Visitors
During the last 2-3 Weeks,you may noticed,that there are massive propblems with downloading the Mixes. The Reason for that is, that almost every Post is blocked due to Complains about Copyright Violations. A fact that brought Pachinko Overdrive to a stand still,i don't want to start nagging about the "Content Mafia" that wants to save their Benefices.We here at PO. always wanted to support and highlight Artists/Genres we love with our Mixes.We never intended to hurt the incomes of any Artist,we mainly used Music that was older than a Year and in a lot of cases are out of print.There is no Question that Artists should get payed for their Work like everybody else but since i got some very encouraging Mails by some of the Artists/Bands 
that i featured, telling me that they liked my Concept and supported Po. by sending me, Songs they like me to include on future Mixes,i also got some Feedback for Visitors that said they discovered new things, that they now wanted to purchase.I woulden't be so bold to say that we helped to earn them Money but i think that we diden't hurt the income of any Artist we featured,especially when you know that I-Tunes pays the Artists, the massive share of 5.5 to 10 Cent per 99 Cent Song.Anyways,the Question is,what to do now?It dosen't make sense to run the Blog under the danger of an emmediate takedown via MediaFire with every new Post.Since i already finished the Base Frame for the new Year,i'd like to know if you like Pachinko Overdrive to continue?Of course some kind of transformation will be unavoidable,maybe a new "Invites-only" Version of PO. or we take shelter at a closed Forum?Maybe you have Suggestions or Ideas how to solve this Situation?Please let know if you like me to continue and if you are willing to follow Pachinko Overdrive onto the next evolutional Level.Your Feedback and Help is desperately need,so raise your Voice and help this Blog to survive.

Yours Sincerly,Percy

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  1. What if you uploaded your mixes as streams on a site like 8tracks or soundcloud, but made them not available for download? I love trying the new music you post, but when I really like something, I always go buy it anyway. (And if people are so keen on downloading, there are ways to do that.)

    1. Fantastic music and great for finding out about new artists (and those I like I buy their CD !!!). Always brightens up my day. Please continue !!!!

  2. You could try alternative hosting sites, such as adrive,, or zippyshare. Some music blogs have also gone private on wordpress.

  3. Bitte, just continue: Change hosting page! For me, downloading is quite important as it allows me to discover new music with my iPod at work! :)

    Also, I like your compilations so much that I have already downloaded more than 100 of your compilations (yes, just everyone which was still available!). Please, tell me if you might need to recover anyone.

    Thank you for everything. I've discovered soooo many artist here :)

  4. posting a mix to soundcloud would be better than nothing!

  5. of course please continue with a different filehost!

  6. 1. Remove the "offending" song and repost the mix. If an artist has given you permission, let them know that they are being blocked.

    2. Rename the "offending" song and repost the mix. Include a txt file advising folks to change the name back. If an artist has given you permission, let them know that they are being blocked.

    3. Find a new host.

    4. If you go with invitation only, how do I make sure I get an invite?

    Don't stop posting. I discovered some great artists from you. Thanks for everything!

  7. Please continue. I'd be ok with a Soundcloud stream, with the added bonus of not only being available to streaming 24x7, but being a place I could refer to others, as most of folks shy away or refuse to download from blogs, but would feel fine streaming -- and thus hearing all those awesome sounds many of us have discovered via Pachinko Overdrive.

    And of course I'd be open to any other solution you may decide to persue.

  8. Please continue in soundcloud, will be easiest to download and i'm so grateful to let to any visitor to access to such good music.

  9. Whether the site has to move, or change....keep making mixes! They are so good

  10. Ít is risky, you know it.

    It is a pitty if you don't continue. I know it.

    Maybe private.

  11. Soundcloud is a good idea. Or bandcamp. Or even a Cd mail order? I'd happily pay for a nicely handcrafted pachinko compilation cd! good luck! Long live great music!

  12. Please, continue! I never really commented, but I come here every week to download your mixes... I really appreciate what you do!
    Also, I bought many CDs of artists I've discovered from your website...

  13. Hope you'll keep up with the mixes, they were excellent. Yu've made us discover many great groups. Thanks!

  14. it is a problem relating with mediafire and rapidshare... why not just change server and create a mailing list with our e mail addresses where to send the links? By doing so you can keep on publishing your posts here without visible links..

  15. Had a great pleasure listening to your compilations, discovered your blog just a few months ago but luckily downloaded plenty of your stuff, and it was always fun to listen to!

    How about using some russian web hosts like They never care about copyright, so it might be a good solution.