Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

The Party

Christmas is less than 24 Hours away and People everywhere gather to celebrate that Day in a tranquil and contemplative Way but not at Pachinko Overdrive.We decided to go the opposiste Way,no solemm Music or cheecky Songs about Sleigh Rides,Eggnog and bearded chubby Dudes in Red Clothing.Instead,we invite you all to join "The Party" and groove out Pachinko Style.Pour yourself a Drink,grab a Partner and dance to the Beatiful Sounds we selected.We hope you have a splendid Time at our little Anti-Christmas Party.Happy Holidays from everybody at Pachinkom Overdrive.

1.Sarah Vaughn-Dominique`s Discotheque
2.Stevie Wonder-Passo Le Mie Notti Qui Da Solo
3.Catarina Valente-I dig Rock'n'Roll Music
4.Michel Legrand-Di-Gue-Ding-Ding
5.Usha Uthup & Chorus-One Two Cha Cha Cha
6.Brigitte Bardot-Harley Davidson
7.Mario Molino-Gli Angeli Del 2000
8.Kahuna Kawentzman-Good Sitar
9.Johnny Dorelli-Arriva La Bomba
10.Bruno Nicolai-Passatempi
11.Christie Laume-Rouge-Rouge
12.The Mojo-So Long Baby
13.Claude Bolling-Strange Music
14.Bonny St. Clair-Surrender
15.Howard Carpendale-Du hast mich
16.Orchestra Harlow-Freak off
17.Young Holt Trio-Ain`t there something Money can`t buy
18.Augusto Alguero-Great Expectations
19.Don Sebesky-Big Mama Cass
20.Les Lionceaux-Nowhere to Run
21.Soul Messengers-Tighten up
22.Trax 4-Coming Home Baby
23.Mieko Hirota-A Lonely Summer
24.Katsuhisa Hattori-Visage Du Magie
25.France Gall-Das war eine schöne Party

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