Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

Welcome to the Cirus:The P.5 B-Sides

Welcome to the greatest Show in Audio.This is a Basementmade Compilation of B-Sides by Pizzicato Five.As usual all Killers,no Fillers.New Arrangements,different Mixes.You know the wonders never end in the P.5 World.

1.Welcome To The Circus
2.La Guerre Est Finie (Single Version)
3.Someone's In Love With Someone
4.Gin-chan's Love Letter
5.Fortune Cookie
6.Flying Science Class
7.Face B
8.A New Song
9.Les Grands Vacances
10.Love's Theme (Single Version)
11.The International Playboy & Playgirl Beats
12.Un Carnet de Bal
13.Ma Vie, L'Ete De Vie


P.S.If you want an Intrumental Compilation let me know.


  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I already have all of these, some even in their original mini-cd editions, but any chance to listen to them again is welcomed. Also, the whole context of P5 b-sides is fascinating: some hidden masterworks (like Face B or Silent Night), many oddities and fun remixes. These were B-sides that really made their singles worthwhile... as if the A-sides weren't already stellar.

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  3. Thanks for these songs. There are some instrumental songs I'd like to hear:
    Twiggy Twiggy
    Tout Va Bien
    Kisses from Valencia - Spain

  4. Ah, this sounds like it will be terrific! Pizzicato Five are absolutely one of those groups where I'll think I have already heard everything they had done, but they still manage to have tracks that are completely new to me. That is certainly the case with some of these songs, because not all of the titles are familiar to me.. I'm greatly looking forward to hearing them~ Thank you for sharing this!

  5. I would love to see an instrumental compilatin!
    Also, if you have Pizzicato Five in the Bag, I'll be very happy!

  6. No,i don't have"P.5 in a Bag".I think it's Vinyl only.We'll see about the Instrumenals.

  7. Thankyou for this blog, great to finally hear "Face B", the one track that's eluded me for some considerable time. I have an odd track "The Wor;d Turns 7 and a half Times" (2.26) I can't place in the discography - anyone know when it was released? Sounds like Maki singing, very chirpy 60s backing.

  8. Thank you so much ! You make my day !

    From France :)