Montag, 4. Januar 2010

Sweet V.A.C.A,T.I.O.N.

Here he is the 1st Guestmix.It's made by Anne.She is a nice,polite,funny & knowing Person so show the love and Respect she deserves.In Time where Snow and bitter cold Tempretures keep the World in it's cruel Grip this 12 Song Compilation opens a Door to a World of Sunshine,Smiles and good Intentions.Uplifting Guitar Pop at its Best.
Percy says:This a splended Mix becuse it can lighten up your Day.It sure worked for me.Please Comment and let Anne & me know what you Think.

01. The Caraway - My Love Affair
02. Shinji Kuno - Can You Hear My Music?
03. kuchiroro - nagisa no Cinderella
04. Refely - Sleepy Fanfare
05. Serani Poji - Where is Smiley
06. Orangenoise Shortcut - Number 5
07. HARCO - kimi no kame ni furetai
08. gentouki - Saraba!
09. Coralie - Oneday, Newday
10. Naoki Maezono - teishou koushou
11. one note - one year
12. ANA - Flash




  1. link doesn't seem to be working for me.

  2. Mediafire tends to do that sometimes.. There will be an error on the page when you attempt to download something, but if you check back again later it has magically fixed itself and you can now download what you couldn't before. It can be a very finicky site, unfortunately...
    But I tried the link several times myself, and it worked each time, so..! Hopefully it'll now work for you too, and anyone else that wants to download it.. If there continues to be problems though, I could always supply an alternate link.

  3. link's fine now. thanks!

  4. Nice Work ! Thanks :)