Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Go Girl Go

This is the 2nd Guestmix.It's made by Heather.A fine Maiden with a preference for Beatmusic & Yè-Yè Girls from around the World.The 12 Song Compilation gathered Gems by Artists like Ayumi Ishida who recorded at least 23 singles in Japan during 1964-1967,american born Amy Jackson,Actress Jun Mayuzumi & Aki Izumi who later become a famous Ralley Driver.Go Girl Go is the start of a new Series called "Chicks on Beat" that is dedicated to Yè-Y'e Girls from around the Globe.From Germany,Italy,Great Britain of course France to Thailand.So enjoy this Kickstart and show Heather some Love for her Effort.

1.Ayumi Ishida-The sun is crying
2.Amy Jackson-GoGo Tears
3.Eiko Akari-Ye Ye
4.Rumi Koyama-Wandering Guitar
5.Hirayama Miki-Yokohama Beautiful
6.Jun Mayuzumi-Black Room
7.Sayuri Yoshinaga School Mates-Joy of Love
8.Nakao Mie-They talked
9.The Rubizu Reiko Ohara-Baby Peacock
10.Miki Obata-Seaside Love &
11.Izumi Aki-Please love like Mary
12.Kanai Katsuko-Girls Minis




  1. Hmm, I am definitely intrigued. So I'll be trying this mix out, for sure ^^ Thank you very much for sharing it, Heather!(if you're even reading this, of course..)