Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Let'take a Ride

Ladies & Gentleman,kickstart your Hayabusa 1300 and take a Ride around Shibuya.Meet some old Friends and maybe make some new along the Way.Enjoy your funky,glitzy,
groovy,highspeed Soundtrack for a different kind of Sightseeing Tour.Let's Ride

1.Montparnasse-Mini Mini Mary
2.Halfby-5000$ Dance
3.Pizzicato Five-à Tokyo
4.Mansfield-Atelier 507
5.Sunaga 't Experience-C'est vous sur le pont
6.Yu Miyake, Masayuki Tanaka-Katamari on the Rock(Main Theme)
7.Qyptone-You'll Be More Than A Friend
8.Melting Holidays-Pavement
9.Capsule-Tokyo Kissa
10.Takako Minekawa-Etoufee
11.5th Garden-Baby Elephant Boogallo
12.Yukari Fresh-Paul Scholes (Tomorrow's World)



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