Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010


This is the 1st none Asian Compliation and it can only belong to the infamous Bungalow Records.Founded by a Bunch of Disco Hooligans in Berlin.The Label became Home to a variaty of Bands like Combustible Edison,Stereo Total,Pop Tarts & Fantastic Plastic Machine.They also had a big influence on spreading Shibuya-Kei across the World with their Sushi Compilations.With their Label own DJ Team"Le Hammond Inferno" they toured around the World to scout Talent everywhere.The biggest Effort of the Label was ability to unite Artists with different Backround on the common ground of the Dancefloor.The Bungalow was abandoned in 2006 and still is until today.These 14 Songs shall pay tribute to one the most creative and inovative Labels of their Time.
to be continuied...

1.Stereo Total-Amour Spacial
2.Siriusmo-Meine Welt
3.Commercial Breakup-All is green
4.Kulturni Program-Easy Driving
5.Olympic Lifts-Horizontally vertical
6.Dauerfisch-Whole Lotta Weasel
7.Geezers Of Nazareth-Sunglasses
8.Le Hammond Inferno-People Pop
9.Maxwell Implosion-Moonboots
10.Spring-Be my Star
12.Laila France-The Pink Song
13.Stereo De Luxe-Jane
14.The Experimental Pop Band-Forty Greatest Hits

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. Ooh, I'm really anxious to get my ears wrapped around this mix.. It sounds extremely promising! And I am sure the songs selected for it will live up to that promise too~ Thank you very much for compiling and sharing ♥
    ...And you're using MediaFire to host your files now. Bless your heart ♥ Both myself and my computer thank you for the ease of downloading afforded by making that decision :D