Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

For Lovers

In this Time of Year,when to World ouside is cold,dark & unfriendly,it's best to spend the Evenings as a Couple.Enjoy good Food,tasty Wine and some tender dancing while you listening to these 12 tempting jazzy Tunes.Lover Unite.

1.Akiko-Prelude to a Kiss
2.Dorlis-Handle De Kiss..
3.Dorlis-Ryuusei No Time Capsule (Live With Happy Swing Orchestra)
4.Kahimi Karie-The Look of Love
5.Orange Pekoe-Graceful Rain
6.Paris Match-The Time After Sunrise
7.Paris Match-Time Shade
9.Pizzicato Five-All About the Married Life
10.ROUND TABLE feat.Nino-Summer waiting
11.Tokyo's Coolest Combo-It'Too Late
12.Yuzo Hayashi & Salon '68-Sight by the pool

Deleted due Copyright Complains


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