Montag, 4. Januar 2010

The Change is here

A New Decade has broken and new times brings Change.As i mentionend before,i'm not so happy with the Comment Situation but it's getting better.I talked with a few People about the whole Thing and they all said that i should continue,what I will.But that i also should stop limiting myself by sticking to just one Country.They were right,what brings us to Change 1.

Open up to the World
I consider myself as a part of The Loud Minority and as such i'm concerned with Change.That means that i will post Mixes from Time to Time that are not from Japanese or Asian Artists.My Opinion as a Popculture Otaku is that everything is related and nothing happens without Impact.Shibuya-kei is a good Example.It's Impact on the Rest of the World can be felt till today.Brothers & Sisters in Attitiude and Style can be found Worldwide.I want to set them in Contrast & Context with the Asian Artists.Don't worry the main Focus will still be Japan.

Invite the World
You look at yourself as part of the Loud Minority?This your Chance.I want to invite all of you to become part of Pachinko Overdrive.You think you can do a Mixtape that suits this Blog?Get in touch with me.I'm curious how your musical View on Japan is.So run through your CD's & Harddrives and show what you got!Percy

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