Sonntag, 29. November 2009

Erkennen sie die Melodie?(A Pop Quiz pt.2)

Welcome to the 2nd Episode of Percy's A Pop Ouiz Show.I thought while i'm heading to Russia for a Week,i'm leaving you with another Bag of Coverversions.You know the Rules.The First to name all original Artists can choose an Album by the featured ones.If no one got all Answers,i pick one of all all who took part.Have Fun Percy.

1.Aira Mitsuki-Mike always Diary
2.Pizzicato Five-Good
3.Aira Mitsuki-Starfruit Surf Rider
4.Hideki Kaji-Avant la bagarre
5.Kahimi Karie-Get out of your lazy Bed
6.Paris Match-Digging your Scene
7.Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers-I fought the Law
8.Reggae Disco Rockers-A House is not a Home
9.Maki Nomiya-Hard Luck Women
10.Asako Toki-My Favorite Things




  1. i believe number 3 was originally by CORNELIUS.

  2. Sorry the Pop Quiz is over.No reup in this case.
    Sorry.I'm planning another for the end of the Year.I you want anything else to be re-uploaded,ecxept for the Pop Quiz,let me know.Thanks for joining Pachinko Overdrive.