Sonntag, 22. November 2009

Everything we do is Music:Towa Tei Remixes

This is the 10th Issue of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.(Gigantic Fanfare)This special Edition is dedicated to none other than the real Astro Boy TOWA TEI.No History Recap needed.He was involved in nearly every Production in the Golden Age of Shibuya-kei.His maschinelike mechanical Precision combined with warm & organic Sounds make his Records the best in electronic dance Music.For a DJ he's not doing that much remixing,so it took me some time to collect these Tunes.Maybe you discover
some unknown Gems.

1.YMO-Pocketful Of Rainbows(Heavy Rainbow Mix by Towa Tei)
2.Bonnie Pink-Orange(Towa Tei Remix)
3.YMO-Floating Away(Voltage Unlimited Mix by Towa Tei)
4.Björk-Hyperballad(Towa Tei Remix)
5.Deee-lite-Pussycat Meow(The Meow Mix)
6.M-Flo-Mirorball Satellite 2012(Towa Tei Remix)
7.Ultra Nate-Rejoicing (I'll Never Forget) (Deee-liteful Stomp Mix)
8.YMO-Rydeen (Towa Tei Remix)
9.Kahimi Karie-Superfreak(Towa Tei)
10.Aya Ueto-Ano hito ni aitai(Towa Tei Remix)
11.YMO-Be A Superman(Human Animal Mix by Towa Tei)



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