Samstag, 14. November 2009

What a shiny Day

Back on popular Demand.This is a follow up to Picknick in the Green.Another 14 uplifting Guitar POP Smash Hits.Sounds that shall give you the feeling of the carefree Summerdays we all miss so much.SMILE A SUNNY SMILE.

1.Bridge-Pool Side Music
2.Corniche Camomile-Till Summer ends
3.Hideki Kaji-Suddenly,Sybila
4.Neil & Iraiza-Age 8 & up
5.Hazel Nuts Chocolate-Pokopon Tankentai
6.Cymbals-What a shiny Day
7.Cubismo grafico-Perfect
8.Round Table feat.Nino-New World
9.Advantage Lucy-Fizz Pop
10.Spaghetti Vabune!-Chocolate Song
11.Flippers Guitar-Haircut 100
12.Corniche Camomile-Banana Despetration
13.Handsomeboy Technique-Reach for Tomorrow
14.Hideki Kaji-Life in a Northern Town

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1 Kommentar:

  1. Oh! Thank you very very very much for compiling and posting another one of these mixes! I suppose when you wish for certain things to happen enough they just might sometimes~(..I suppose it helps when you actually say what it is you want to have happen, of course XD)

    This looks to be another spectacular set of selections too(Neil & Iraiza this time! ♥ I love their music a lot, and they are absolutely one of those bands I feel more people need to listen to.. so it's great to have their inclusion with this mix :) ).. it's nice to see familiar and loved songs placed in a different context by having sometimes unfamiliar songs surrounding them ♥ It makes for a new and interesting way to hear them, you know?

    Anyway! Can't wait to listen to this ♥ ♥