Montag, 2. November 2009

Blissfull:The Cubismo Grafico Remixes

Issue No.8 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series.As you may noticed i really like Gakuji Matsuda so it's no wonder that Issue 7 is dedicated to him.These 12 Remixes are boundless,playful & joyfull.Who would mix Puffy with a Sambaversion of Brasil and some Samples of Maxwell Implosion.Just Perfect.All the other Songs can best be discripted in one simple Word:Blissfull.Percy

1.Back Drop Bomb-Sigh (Cbsmgrfc Classico Mix)
2.Koda Kumi-Girls (Cubismo Grafico Beach Girls Mix)
3.Gershon Kingsley/J.J.Perrey-Main Street Electrical Parade(Cbsmgrfc Calypso Mix)
5.Bright-Brightest Star (Cubismo Grafico Remix)
6.Every Little Thing-Kimochi (Cbsmgrfc Blissfull Mix)
7.The Rondo Brothers-Until We All Fall Down (Cubismo Grafico Pea Coat Remix)
8.M-Flo-The Other Side of Love(CUBISMO GRAFICO MIX)
9.Every Little Thing-Jump(cbsmgrfc obrigado mix)
10.Valvola & DJ Spectra-Plug - In City Universe (CBSMGRFC Universe Mix)
11.Every Little Thing-The One Thing(cbsmgrfc topgear mix)
12.Q;indivi-Stay Awake (CBSMGRFC MIXX BEAUTY MIXX)



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