Dienstag, 17. November 2009

Sound Bento:8-bit Flavor

Menue 3:Experience all the 8-bit flavors you like,mixed up with some exotic Pico Pop.
These wild blend of ingredients will make your taste buds explode.おいしい

1.Oh No Ono-The Shock Of The Real (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
2.Naivepop Or Petitfool-Bicycle Race(Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Remix)
3.Capsule-Candy Cutie(no ---Nashville mix)
4.Hamasaki Ayumi-Days (8-bits of tears YMCK remix)
5.Strawberry Machine-Okashina suiyoubi (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box remix)
6.Ram Rider-Sweet Dance(YMCK Remix)
7.Capsule-Idol Fancy(Cook Coat-Mix)
8.Ram Rider-Music (YMCK Remix)
9.DJ Jin-MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE(Back-in-the-dayz Remix)
10.Nobuko Hori-Hug or Kiss Me




  1. Excellent theme choice! I'm a fan of quite a few of the artists represented, and of 8-bit music related things in general, but I haven't heard all of these remixes before so this will make for an engaging listening experience, for sure :)
    And may I add that I love the selection of images you find to go along with your posts? This one is so cute! Bento Katamari~ It's a nice visual representation of the sort of music groups like Plus-tech Squeeze Box tend to make.. where it's elements of all sorts of different things all rolled in to form one large.. something else :D

  2. Nice mix, let me think of taking my old NES clone out of my cupboard for another round of Duckhunt.