Donnerstag, 26. November 2009


Welcome to the Über-Cute Candy Store.A Selection of 14 sugar sweet Pop Tunes out of our assortment.From the classic Shibuya-Kei Taste by Yukari Fresh to the flamboyant
and experimental PicoPop Flavours by Eel & Aira Mitsuki.CAUTION!!! These Songs can cause Diabetes.Have yourself a Treat.Percy

1.Hazel Nuts Chocolate-Love + Piece + Ice Cream!
3.Nagisa Cosmetic-Cosmetic Happy
4.Sucrette-Future Trip
5.Sonic Coaster Pop-SOCOPOGOGO (go go EGG Mix)
6.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box-Test Room
7.The Aprils-Space-D
8.Aira Mitsuki-BAD trip (feat. Terukado)
9.Hi-Posi-Kimi No Suki Na Katachi
10.YMCK-Panic Racer 005
11.Yukari Fresh-If You Love Something, Set It Free
12.Strawberry Machine-Mizuirolemon
13.Shiho Fujisawa-Everything is alright! feat. Ōkawara Izumi
14.Eel-A Worm



1 Kommentar:

  1. I regret the fact I've been missing out on so much..! ;_;
    This looks to be another terrific compilation though.. Judging from the songs I'm already familiar with from it, it will absolutely be an overdose on cute when my ears wrap themselves around it~ But death by sweets is the only way to go :D
    Thanks for sharing!