Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

Sound Bento:Soul Flavor

Menue 2:Good tasty homecooked Soul Food delivered to you by Japan's finest Chefs.Try my all new funky,glitzy Motown Bento.Now with 100% MORE SOUL POWER.Finger licking GOOD.

1.Jackson 5-I Wanna Be Where You Are (Monday Michiru Version)
2.Jackson 5-Can I See You In The Morning (Electric Sheep Remix)
3.Diana Ross-I'm Still Waiting (Handsomeboy Technique Remix)
4.Jackson 5-I Want You Back(Keifs Routine Jazz Party Mix)
5.Jackson 5-ABC (Konishi Yasuharu's Readymade Super 524 Mix)
6.Jackson 5-Never Can Say Goodbye(OSAWA 3000 REMIX)
7.James Brown-Funky Drummer (Listen to the Muro Mix)
8.Diana Ross-Upside Down (I-Dep's Downside Up Mix)
9.Diana Ross & The Supremes-Baby Love (Halfby More Shambles Remix)
10.Jackson 5-Darling Dear(rejuvenated by MURO mix)



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  1. Oh No! This one has been removed... And it looked so groovy!