Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

The Song remains the same?(A Pop Quiz)

Welcome to the 1st Episode of Percy's Pop Quiz.This Edition is all about Coverversions.10 Variations of well known POP Classics by our Asian Friends.The first one that can name all original Artists wins a Price.He or She can choose an Album by one of the featered Artists.This one will be posted next.Please join in,have fun with the Songs.You have Time until Tuesday.So be the 1st.Good Luck Percy

1.Fantastic Plastic Machine-There must be an Angel
2.Mansfield-Take on me
3.Pizzicato Five-Girl from Ipanema
4.Shiho Fujisawa-Table ni hitobin no Wine feat. Pecombo
5.5th Garden-I dig Rock'n Roll Music
6.Kaji Hideki-Favourite Shirt
7.Mansfield-The New Pollution
8.Kahimi Karie-Por Qué Te Vas
9.Pizzicato Five-Mas que nada




  1. i'll just name the one's that i can recall:

    2 is by A-HA, 3 is A.C. JOBIM,and 10 is BJORK. unfortunately with the other brazilian songs, i've heard so many covers from the 50s and 60s and up to the present that i can't remember who did the originals anymore, unless i cheat and look it up on the net or some'n.

    anyways, great blog! don't stop doing what you do best!

  2. I´ll try to complete the list with some songs, but not know all of them, sorry :(

    N.º 1, There must be an angel, is a song by Eurythmics (great version by FPM).

    N.º 8, Por qué te vas: The real title is porque te vas (because you go away, instead of why do you go away?, but it´s named with both titles). Is a song by José Luis Perales, but was very famous when sang by Jeanette, on the O.S.T. of the film "Cría Cuervos" (1975). The version by Kahimi Karie appeared in the album "Giapponese a Roma", and sound really good in the voice of Kahimi. I really love that song :)

    N.º 9: Mas que nada by Sergio Mendes, from Brazil.

  3. No! no! number 9 - Mas Que Nada was written by Jorge Ben (aka Jorge Benjor)from Brazil

  4. Thats true,my fault.Followed the notes on my Sergio Mendes Album and they lied.Sorry for that one.Percy

  5. WOW!!! I was wrong like Percy. Sergio Mendes album lies!!!
    I´m not the winner any more... :(

  6. You will stay the Winner don't worry.This not the Olympics.What a World where you can't believe Linernotes.I'm Schocked! Percy