Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Loud Minority:The U.F.O. Remixes

This Weekend i hit the Decks.Acid Jazz was the name of the Game.I haven't played one Style only Party's in a long Time.As i got back in the Groove,i picked more & more Tunes by United Future Organization.One of the Bands who brought me into japanese Music in the first place.These 9 Remixes show their Sense for deep Beats & sophisticated Jazzvibes.This Monday will sound jazzy.Hope you like it.

1.Victor Louis-One more Time(U.F.O. Remix)
2.Incocnito-Port Louis(U.F.O.Remix)
3.M-Flo-Chronopsychology (United Future Organization Mix)
4.Jackson 5-Hum along and Dance(U.F.O. Remix)
5.dZhian & Kamien-Homebase(U.F.O.Remix)
6.Hirai Ken-Tug of War(U.F.O.Remix)
7. Monday Michiru-Scat Attack(Why not? Mix)
8.Sarah Vaughn-Summertime(U.F.O.Remix)
9.Charles Webster-Fox Soup(U.F.O.Magnolia Remix)




  1. ¡¡¡BIEN!!!! (VERY GOOD) Muchas gracias desde España!!! Me encanta UFO (thank you very much from Spain, I love UFO).

    PS: i´m the one who vote for UFO in your last poll, the only one who votes, in fact. Thank ypu, one more time, for your wonderful work here.

  2. Thank you.I had you in Mind.Bit of a Excuse cause i was so rude.Hope you stay true.Percy