Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

The Answers are...

Back from Russia with Love.Had a wonderful Week but what i do i have see?Nothing!Your Participation was devastating.Which reinforces my opinion that either I'm an idiot, or you don't give a shit about what I'm doing here.So if you want to be just lazy Leechers that don't even have the Manners to say thanks,so it be.I will take my Consequences.A Change is gonna come.Percy

1.Kahimi Karie
4.France Gall
5.Matt Bianco
6.Blow Monkeys
7.Sonny Curtis and The Crickets
8.Dionne Warwick
10.Dame Julie Andrews


  1. hey, i replied! i only guessed the CORNELIUS song, based on the title alone since i haven't got the time to download and listen to the whole thing. i've replied a few times on this blog before, but often as mr. anonymous. i'm sure everyone's just too busy with their xmas shopping or whatever, that's why no one else replied. but ye, i love your blog! the UBER-CUTE and PICKNICK 2 compilations were the most recent one i've downloaded and they're awesome! i hope you keep on posting some more tunes! bless bless. =^.^=

  2. Hey Anonym.I didn't meant you personally.I'm not
    happy with the commenting Situation overall.
    Please keep commenting its the only Way for me
    to know what the People like or not.Greetz Percy

  3. Percy, excuse me. I´ve been a bit bussy so I haven´t visited your web for a couple of weeks (oh no! i lost the second quiz!!!!). I understand you are not happy with the situation: a lot of people downloading, no one saying a word. But you know some people follow your blog and appreciate your work.

    Thank you from Spain.

  4. Ahoi Sr.
    You don't have to excuse.Real Life is more important.If i had a real life,then i don't have to do this(Joke).Sr. i'd like to invite you to do a Guest Mix for this Site.What do you think?You can contact me at Yahoo.Greetz Percy

  5. ¡Percy! One more time, you have to excuse me: ten days or so without visitng you!!!! But now, i´m on holidys –merry Xmas to everybody!!!- and i´m gonna think about the mix. I´ll write you in a couple of days. thank you for the invitation!!!