Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

Shibuya Swings

Howdy Hipsters,let's go back in Time and visit a past that never was.Sitting in front of the Radio listening to the Sound of the Grand Orchestras while imagening yourself floating over the parquet like Astair & Rogers.Don't worry this sounds more like Spike Jones meets Gene Kruppa than Glen Miller.Jump in your Zoot Suit or your favourite Gown and swing Shibuya Style.

1.Akiko-Around the World
2.Dorlis-Yuki No Rice Shower
3.Mari Natsuki-Vedi Roma, e Poi Muori
4.Nakatsuka Takeshi-Your Voice feat.Asako Toki
5.Pecombo-Love's in need of love today
6.Sunaga 't Experience-Satellite Beats (it's yours)
7.Shiho Fujisawa-Drum Crazy for DJ
8.Plus-Tech Squeeze Box-Hoky-Poky A La Mode
9.Qypthone-Mr. C.
10.Asuka Sakai, Ado Mizumori-A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic
11.Matsuzaki Shigeru-Katamari on the Swing
12.Dorlis-Mariposa(Live With Happy Swing Orchestra)

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  1. Great theme! I'll be trying this out for sure~ As always, thank you for compiling and sharing ♥