Montag, 14. September 2009

Swing Slow

I got this Album Years ago as a Gift from my Brother.It stayed with me ever since.Swing Slow is one of the many disguises of Harry Hosono jr.of YMO Fame.This Time he teames up with Miharu Koshi.Koshi is a Singer that worked with Hosono & R.Sakamoto several times and released a bunch of Solo Albums.The self titled Record sounds like a Postcard of the good old Time that never been.Most of the Songs have a fifties-country feeling with Pedal-steel & Jodeling.Listen to "I'm Leaving it up to you" or "Good Morning Mr. Echo" and fall in Love.The usual Hosono Hawaiin touch sounds in too.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Record.Hope you enjoy it too.If so or not leave a comment.

Swing Slow(1996)


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  1. I came across this blog from the P5 mailing list(?), and this was the first thing I downloaded. I enjoyed tracks 3 and 5 the most. I have a 2-disc best of comp from Miharu Koshi but didn't know about this release at all. Thanks for sharing. :-)