Montag, 21. September 2009

Reewind Selector

Summer dosenn't seem to end this Year.26°C outside and the sounds of the Skatalites get me in an Irie Mood.So i thought why not do a selection of Jamican flavered Tunes from our favourite japanese Artists.Here is the result:14 massive Sounds from Dancehall to Future Dub.Light your Spliff and do some Uptown Ranking.

1.Towa Tei-Son of Bambi
2.Cubismo Grafico-Man of Lafonda(Paul Bauman Remix)
3.Losfeld-Sweet Inn
4.Cubismo Grafico-Real Rock
5.High Yummies-Mog Drummond
6.Cubismo Grafico-Devoted to you
7.High Yummies-Mog Alphonso
8.Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers-I fought the Law
9.Maki Noyima-Luna Cruise
10.Mari Natsuki-Sea,Sex & Sun
11.Pizzicato Five-Two Sleepy People
12.Reggae Disco Rockers-Oasis (Y-Sunahara's Studio Re-Mix)
13.Audio Active-Dub out of the Well
14.Fantastic Plastic Machine.Please Stop!(Rude Bones Version)

Deleted due Copyright Complains



  1. Pretty sweet: that image is also on the cover of the book i translated
    Which means i will listen more carefully than usual!
    (P.S. careful - it's Maki Nomiya, not "noyima")

  2. Sorry for the Mistake.Maybe my Spliff kicked in to good.Percy