Samstag, 12. September 2009

Cubismo Grafico Five

The Extended Version of Cubismo Grafico are:Syuta-Low "TGMX" Tagami / Piano. Organ. Synthesizers. Tp and Chorus,Shige Murata / Bass. Chorus,Gakuji "chiave" Matsuda / VOX. Guitar. Something,330 mimio / Guitar. Chorus & Akira Tsuneoka / Drums. Riddims. Voi.
They released 4 Records to date.First planned as a one time Side-Project to his DJ Work,Matsuda had so much Fun,that they continued.Their 2nd Album was real a Sucess.The Band toured a lot and played even at the South by Southwest Festival in the USA.The Music is wild Mix of all Genres.It's playful,catchy,uplifting,straight forward but most important BIG FUN.So if you like openminded POP with Style & self Ironie,this your Band.Trust ME.Percy.

Cinq (2004)


Pop Pollution(2006)

P.S.Looking for "Pleasures".

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  1. wooow cool! thanxxxxx!!!! lo busque mucho tiempo